You Won’t Believe How Often Drivers Swear!

Drivers swear, a LOT!

According to a recent survey by car-maker Hyundai, the average driver swears 41 times every 100 miles travelled.

That’s nearly one swear every 2 miles!

F**king insane!!

No wonder driving is such a big source of stress.

But it does not have to be this way. You can do things better.

Why not start with some mindfulness exercises or meditation?

Driving can be frustrating, but all that aggravation and stress harms you, a LOT.

When you give in to that anger and frustration, the only person you really harm is yourself. So think about that before you give in to road rage next time.

How can you manage your stress levels the next time you are out driving?

Share your thoughts, tips, and ideas in the comments.

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