World’s Most Advanced Bionic Hand Unveiled

Experts at the University of Essex have helped develop the world’s most advanced bionic hand.

For the first time, a prosthetic hand can be operated without any specific thinking and can come with a sense of touch.

This bionic hand is far more advanced than what is currently available.

It is also different from conventional prosthetic hands in terms of where the electrodes are implanted.

Generally, the electrodes for prosthetic hands are placed over the skin. But these usually are not very reliable and are only capable of a limited number of movements.

The electrodes for the new hand, however, are implanted in the upper arm.

In terms of functionality, these bionic hands don’t require any thinking on the users part and the use of them is more natural.

It’s not as good as a real hand but it’s good enough for people to be able to go about their daily lives – Dr Luca Citi, from the University of Essex

Here are a few ways this hand is much more advanced than what currently exists, and why it is hailed as the most advanced bionic hand:

  • This new bionic hand is the first prosthetic hand available for people with an amputation below their elbow. 
  • The bionic hand is capable of sensing touch.
  • It offers more sensitivity.
  • The hand is fully integrated and does not require carrying around any extra equipment (unlike the big backpack and computer a lot of the other prosthetic hands require).
  • It comes with a fully rechargeable battery.

This is a big step towards naturally functioning prosthetic bionic body parts.

Bionic prosthetics are a developing field, so it is a space to watch. But this is a promising development.

What do you think of this new development in the bionic hand?

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Interested to learn more about the developing field of bionic prosthetics? Check out this short video on how prosthetics has the potential to redefine humanity: 

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