World’s First Folding Smartphone Is Here!

Samsung recently unveiled their folding smartphone at the Samsung Developer Conference 2018.

In case you don’t know what it is, a folding smartphone is basically a tablet that you can fold into a phone. The idea being that you have access to a bigger tablet screen when you need, but then can also fold it up into a phone, making it easier to use and take around with you.

For all intents and purposes they were going to be the first ones to launch a folding smartphone.

But turns out they are not the first.

The first folding smartphone has been launched not by Samsung, or even any of the other big player in this space, but rather by a little known company called Royole.

You can see a video demo of the first folding smartphone, called Flexpai, here:

The official intro:

The other big player in the folding smartphone scene is Huawei, Recently they have really upped their game and have become a major player. Their current smartphone handset is one of the most popular around.

As for the others, Apple still hasn’t made any major noise on the matter and neither has Microsoft. Both of those are heavyweights who can cause massive disruption.

And then there’s Google…

Only time will tell who will ultimately win the folding smartphone market. Or, for that matter, how else smartphones will change. Smartphones as we know might not even exist a year from now!

For users, this is great news. Competition certainly is good for tech development – more players mean more research and better tech.

We at LifeLabMagazine are eager to see how this new episode in the evolution of smartphones unfold.

How about you – what do you think of folding smartphones?

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