Wind Turbines Are Wiping Out Birds of Prey

According to a UN study (source), wind turbines are now the top aerial predators in the food chain, taking the place of birds of prey.

Wind turbines have been documented to kill large birds of prey like golden eagles, and disrupt the movement of other birds.

The study, conducted at India’s Western Ghats, also discovered that the wind farms result in a phenomenon called “tropical cascade”. Tropical cascade is a situation where the ecosystem changes as the animals which are usually prey, thrive.

Basically, because wind farms are taking out the birds of prey from the equation, the prey will now thrive, which alters the balance. There is no conclusive evidence about the impact of this as of yet, so we don’t know if ultimately it will do more good, or bad. But it hardly sounds like it will be good…

Only time will tell if the benefits we get from the wind turbines outweigh the detrimental impacts they have.

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