Why your mouth waters when you see, smell, or even think about food you like

Think about a food item you really like, or better even, your favourite food. Think about how it smells, what it looks like, how it feels when it hits your tongue, the taste and feel of it. Think about it in detail. Are you doing it? Ok, now you’ll notice that your mouth has started watering. We don’t know this because we are some kind of wizards, but because it’s a common thing that happens to nearly all of us when we think of food we like. Not even just think – just seeing or even smelling food we like can get our mouth watering. But why is that?
Well, if you’re wondering the same thing, then you are in the right place, because that is what you will find out in today’s article. Read on to learn more about why our mouth waters when we see, smell or even think of the food we like.

Reasons why our mouth waters

So why do we start salivating when we think, see or smell food we like? Turns out it is part of a preparatory process that our brains trigger, to prepare us for eating.
Saliva plays a big role in proper digestion and absorption of nutrients, not to mention the actual eating and tasting of the food. So when we think, smell or see food, nerve signals are usually sent to our salivary glands to start getting ready, which then results in extra saliva being generated – or as we know it, in our mouth “watering”.
But that’s not the only reason however. The associations we build while growing up to food we like plays a big role too. Over the years our brains catalogue the sensory markers of food we like, so when we come across one or more of them, or even think about them, our brain triggers the memories of the deliciousness to be expected, which further encourages/triggers our salivary glands to activate. After all, we only know what we like as a result of having it in the past. This is also why your mouth won’t usually water when you think about food that you do not like.
So as it stands, there are two factors that result in our mouth watering – one is the preemptive action by our brain to prepare us for eating, and the other is the result of our memories and past associations.

How hungry are you?

Now you know why your mouth waters even at the mere thought of food you like. But there is a major contributing factor, and that’s your level of hunger.
How hungry you are plays a big part in how much your mouth waters.
This is why, if you’re really hungry, your mouth will water more. But, if you’re full and/or not feeling like eating, your mouth will water less, sometimes even not at all (but that’s usually a rare case).

Closing thoughts

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