Why Does Water Taste Sweet or Bitter Sometimes?

Have you ever gone to a new place, tried the water and then thought it tastes different? Or even the same water you drink regularly sometimes tastes a bit different?

If you did, you are not the only one. Everyone sometimes tastes pure water differently.

Here’s the thing – pure water is actually tasteless in the sense that it does not have any impact on our taste buds. So why or how can we sometimes taste water?

This is because even though pure water doesn’t have any direct impact on our taste buds, they can at times cause sensory reactions. This happens when the water washes away the chemicals in our saliva.

Our tongue becomes used to the chemicals in our saliva, so when water washes them away our taste buds experience a ‘rebound’, usually translated into experiencing taste sensations which are opposite to the taste sensations it’s used to. This is usually why we sometimes taste water as a bit sweet or bitter, which is effectively the opposite to the salty taste our taste buds are used to (as our saliva is salty).

So the next time you feel like your water tastes a bit sweet or even bitter, you’ll know why.

The only thing to make sure is that the water is from a clean source and drinkable. If not, that taste might not just be a harmless sensory reaction!

If you are concerned about the water, err on the side of caution. Take care of your health.

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