Which Mountains Are Good Practice for Climbing Everest

Climbing the Everest is no walk in the park.

Among other things, it takes preparation, and a great way to get prepared is to climb a few other mountains.

Not only does climbing other mountains give you climbing experience, but they can also help get altitude experience.

Listed below are five mountains that are good practice before attempting the Everest.

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Mount Rainier

Also known as Tahoma or Tacoma, Mount Rainier is a stratovolcano located near Seattle, USA.

Here are some basic facts about Mount Rainier:

  • Where is it: Washington, USA
  • How tall is it: 4,392 m
  • First ascent: 17th August 1870
  • Last eruption: 1984
  • Best time to climb Mount Rainier: July/August (source)

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and is possibly one of the most scenic mountains to climb.

Here are some basic facts about Mont Blanc:

  • Where is it: Borders between France and Italy
  • How tall is it: 4,696 m
  • First ascent: 8th August 1786
  • Best time to climb Mont Blanc: Mid June to mid-Sept (source)

Mount Elbrus 

The second volcano on this list, Mount Elbrus is a dormant volcano in the Caucasus Mountains in Southern Russia, near the border with Georgia.

Here are some basic facts about Mount Elbrus:

  • Where is it: Southern Russia
  • How tall is it: 5,642 m
  • First ascent: 22nd July 1829
  • Last eruption: Over 2000 years ago
  • Best time to climb Mount Elbrus: July/August (source)

Cho Oyu

The sixth highest mountain in the world, Cho Oyu means “Turquoise Goddess” in Tibetan.

Here are some more facts about Cho Oyu:

  • Where is it: China-Nepal border
  • How tall is it: 8,201 m
  • First ascent: 19th October 1954
  • Best time to climb Cho Oyu: May (source)


The third volcano on this list, Aconcagua is the highest mountain outside of Asia.

Here are some more facts about Aconcagua:

  • Where is it: Mendoza, Argentina
  • How tall is it: 6,962 m
  • First climbed: 1897
  • Last erupted: 9.5 million years ago
  • Best time to climb Aconcagua: 15th November to 31st March (source)

Last words

Having climbing experience isn’t compulsory for climbing Everest (for most expedition companies anyway), but it certainly can help. 

But climbing the Everest involves quite a bit more than just climbing other mountains. Alan Arnette, an experienced climber who has climbed the Everest several times, has an insightful article on preparing for climbing the Everest. It is worth checking out if you really want to know what it takes to climb the highest peak.

Do you have any suggestions on mountains that are good practice to get ready for climbing the Everest?

Share your tips and ideas in the comments. 

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