What’s The Ideal Number Of Christmas Presents? See What Research Says

Is there an ideal number of Christmas presents?

Turns out, there is.

According to a poll of 2000 people by Marks & Spencer, the ideal number of Christmas presents is…


Here are some more highlights of the survey’s findings:

  • Cash is the best gift. Yep, cash is king people!
  • Other great (read – safe) gift types include perfume, books, and alcohol.
  • For adults the best time to wake up is 7:56 am.
  • Best time for lunch on Christmas day is 2:33 pm.
  • The ultimate Christmas smell is roast dinner cooking, as well as cinnamon and mulled wine.
  • The most popular Christmas movie is Home Alone. Miracle on 34th Street came a close second.
  • The most popular Christmas tree is pine.
  • The perfect Christmas dinner has to include roast potatoes.
  • Without snow, it is just not Christmas – with four inches of the white stuff rated as the ideal amount.

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By the way, the ideal number of gifts does not represent present from one person, but the total number. Also, not everyone is the same. So don’t feel like you need to give everyone seven presents!

The survey results certainly can give you some interesting insights and ideas, but don’t let this be a reason to overstretch your finances. If you can’t afford to spend anything, don’t. Spend responsibly.

Christmas is a time of joy and fun after all – don’t make it stressful!

If you are getting stressed, however, check out this post: All it takes is 10 mindful minutes

What do you think – is there an ideal number of Christmas presents? Or are you in the “you can never have enough presents” group?

What is your ideal number?

Source: The Independent

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