What is Personal Development? – An Intro Guide to Personal Development (+ FAQs)

If you are new to personal development, this is the guide for you. In here we have answered all the questions we had about personal development in the early days, as well as the questions we have been asked by others.

So what is Personal Development?

It is exactly what it sounds like, it is about developing YOU. Personal development is about working on yourself to bring out the best in you and unlock your potential.

Personal development is about working on yourself to bring out the best in you and unlock your potential.

What does it involve?

Personal development is all about improving different areas of your life. It is about making yourself better and expanding your mindset and capabilities.

It’s about putting time into yourself to improve and grow.

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Why is Personal Development important?

Have you ever listened to a talk by someone you really admire, people who are deemed to be the best of the best? If you have, then you have very likely heard them mention the importance of working on yourself.

When you work on yourself, you will make yourself better, you can grow and improve, you can do more and be more and reach your goals and ambitions.

It is about being the person you want to be to have the impact you want to have, it is about growing as an individual.

When we stop growing, we become dead inside. And what type of life is that?

For any and every area of life you want to succeed in – be it work and career, personal, social, health, spiritual, etc – personal development is important.

No matter what area of your life you want to improve, you can’t until you improve yourself.

Personal development has a direct correlation to the quality of your life.

Working on and growing yourself is how you can go from where you are now to where you want to be.

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Personal development has a direct correlation to the quality of your life.

Is Personal Development Just About Career Development?

Absolutely not!

Personal development certainly will help with your career development – as you can focus on skills to improve – but that is not all it is about.

Personal development is about you growing as a person, and that encompasses the full spectrum, ie. each and every area of your life.

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But I don’t have the right background, money, education…?

It doesn’t matter. Who you are, what your background is, what level of education you have etc – none of that really matters, because anyone can improve themselves.


Your past does not matter. What matters is the work you put into growing yourself. As the saying goes, as you sow, so you reap.

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Personal development is about you growing as a person.

Benefits of Personal Development

Here are just some of the benefits of personal development:

  • Through personal development, you can improve your skills.
  • Can help you find yourself, and understand yourself better.
  • Can help you enjoy your life better, and more.
  • Can help provide important insights and perspectives.
  • Can help overcome obstacles and setbacks.
  • Can help you move past shit.
  • Can help you create a new life, the life you really really want.
  • Can make you happier.
  • Gives you an edge over most of the others out there, and more importantly, yourself!
  • Increases the potential for career progress.
  • Can help you become a better human being.

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How much time and effort will it take to grow yourself?

It doesn’t have to take hours and hours every day, even 5 minutes a day can make a difference, as long as you are consistent.

Consistently working on yourself can really add up to something significant over time.

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Rome wasn’t built in a day.

How will you know if it’s working?

Depends on what you are working on. If it is something tangible like improving a skill, then it can be as simple as defining what your goals and milestones are, and then when you hit those goals you know you are moving forward.

On that note, it is really important to define your milestones before you start, as that way you will know you are moving forward, which helps to continue working on it.

Smaller goals will take less time than the bigger ones, obviously. But the important thing is to keep working at it until you get the results you want. Although, when it comes to less tangible aspects like improving your mindset, there isn’t a definite finish line so you need to understand that for some areas, it is a journey rather than just reaching an endpoint.

There is really no specific amount of time that you “need” to put into working on yourself, although the more you can put into it, usually the better.

The more time you invest in yourself, the better.

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As you sow, so you reap.

How soon will you see results?

Here’s the honest answer – there’s no way to tell. Because there are too many variables – it will depend on how sincerely are you working on yourself, ie the quality of effort. That is as important, if not more, than the quantity (ie. time you put in).

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How do you start with Personal Development?

There is no one way of working on yourself, but here are some basic ones to get you started:

  • Reading (eg books and articles from reputable sources. The source is important, as you don’t want to feed your mind crap)
  • Listening to insightful stuff (eg. audiobooks)
  • Watching educational stuff (eg. online courses, TED talks)
  • Pushing your comfort zone, i.e. doing things that make you uncomfortable
  • Traveling
  • Learning new things/skills
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Working out

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Personal development is no one specific thing or plan, it is different for everyone because what your personal development journey requires will be totally different from another person. Even your own journey will change over time.

The important thing is to determine what areas of life you want to grow and improve, which are most important to you, and then start working on those.

There is a reason why investing in yourself is consistently deemed as the best investment you can make.

Start working on yourself for that is how you will create the life you want, and become a better version of you.

Do you have any questions about personal development that were not answered in this guide? Post them in the comment below. Also, share any thoughts and suggestions you may have.

All the best with your journey!

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