Top Thirty Big Life Decisions, According to New Study

Decisions, we make them every day.

But it is not every day that we make the really big decisions – we are talking about BIG, as in the biggest decisions of our lives.

What these decisions are can and does vary from person to person, but there are lots of common ones. As a matter of fact, a new study has found the thirty decisions that most people consider to be the biggest and most important decisions of their lives.

Read on to find out more.

Learn about the top 30 big life decisions, based on research
Learn about the top 30 big life decisions, based on research

Top 30 Important life decisions

Here is the list of the top 30 big life decisions, according to the study:

1. Having children

2. Getting married

3. Moving house

4. Learning to drive

5. Retiring

6. Buying a property with a partner

7. Breaking up with a partner

8. Choosing to save or spend money

9. Getting a divorce

10. Quitting a job

11. Moving cities

12. Moving abroad

13. Getting a pet

14. Going travelling

15. Standing up for yourself

16. Quitting smoking

17. Investing money

18. Removing toxic friends

19. Changing career later in life

20. Whether to go to university or not

21. Choosing a career sector

22. Starting your own business

23. Staying in touch with friends

24. Choice of the degree to study

25. Putting an elderly relative in a care home

26. Deciding between renting or buying

27. A-level choices

28. GCSE choices

29. Buying a new car

30. Turning down/accepting a promotion

Learn about the top 30 big life decisions, based on research
Learn about the top 30 big life decisions and more, based on research

Other findings

Along with thirty of the biggest life decisions, the study also discovered a few other things, namely:

  1. Having children is considered to be the biggest life decision of them all by most people
  2. 28 is the age we make the most important decisions
  3. Making big decisions often make people feel ‘anxious’, ‘terrified’ and ‘old’
  4. 37.35% of the participants admitted to regretting decisions they have made
  5. Nearly 40% said that making big life decisions gets easier as we get older
  6. Nearly 50% said they prefer making the big decisions themselves, without involving anyone else
  7. Over 25% said they seek advice and help from family and friends with their important decisions
  8. 14 days is how long it takes (on average) to decide whether to end a relationship or not
  9. 13 days is how long it takes (on average) to decide on a new car


Last words

Life is full of decisions – we make them every single day. Most of them, thankfully, don’t require a lot of thought. But the big ones, like the ones in the list above, do.

Like the study found, a lot of us regret our big decisions, so it is important to think them through.

On that note, getting some feedback from family and friends doesn’t harm. At the end of the day, the decision will be yours to make, but the feedback can give you some valuable insights and perspective.

How about you – what do you think of this list of the top 30 big life decisions? Which of these have you already made? Has this list missed any of the major life decisions? 

Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.

About the study:

The study surveyed 2000 UK adults, was commissioned by life insurance provider Beagle Street and was carried out by OnePoll between 25/03/19 – 27/03/19.

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