Top Ten Black Friday Facts and Trivia

Black Friday is here! This year Black Friday falls on the 27th of November, which is today. This is one day of the year when many retailers offer their biggest discounts and deals, and is one of the biggest shopping events before Christmas. Lots of people do their Christmas shopping too on Black Friday, which makes sense as they can get Christmas gifts at a discount. But how much do you know about this day?

Well, worry not if you don’t know a lot about Black Friday, because that’s where today’s guide on Black Friday facts and trivia comes in.

Read on to find out more.

Black Friday Facts and Trivia

Black Friday Facts and Trivia - How much do you know about Black Friday?
How much do you know about Black Friday?


When is Black Friday?

Everyone knows Black Friday falls on Friday, but which Friday? It’s not just any Friday, right? You are right, there is a specific Friday that Black Friday falls on and it is the Friday after Thanksgiving.


Why is this Friday targeted by retailers?

There are two main reasons why the Friday after Thanksgiving is targeted by retailers. The first is the fact that it is the first day after the last major pre-Christmas holiday. The second big reason is the fact that lots of workers get this day off, making it part of an extended Thanksgiving weekend.


Not an official day off

Black Friday might be a big day for shopping and most workers in the USA have this day off, but it is not an official holiday. A lot of companies just voluntarily give the day off.


Has been around for some time

Even though Black Friday has become a popular day for shopping fairly recently, the idea has been around at least since 1961. 


Midnight shopping

Shops for things like clothes and electronics rarely open before 8 or 9 am on most days. Some might open might open around 6 or 7 am but that is not the norm. But Black Friday is probably the only day when many stores open at midnight!  If you’re up that late, might be an interesting activity for you!


Violent shopping!

Shopping at midnight and finding huge deals might sound like a great thing to do, but not necessarily when you factor in the fact that Black Friday is possibly one of the most violent shopping days of the year.

It is so violent and dangerous, in fact, that since 2006 there have been more than ten cases of death and well over one hundred injuries reported throughout the USA.

It does get quite crazy, and dangerous, so if you’re taking going to a Black Friday sale take care of yourself.



Camping for deals

Maybe it’s the early opening hours, maybe it’s the allure of the bargains or maybe it’s just the thrill of being first, but whatever the reason is a common phenomenon on Black Friday is people camping out to be one of the first in the stores.

Some of these shoppers camp out for many many hours.

Talk about patience…!


Black Friday in July?

Black Friday might have been the biggest sale day of the year in the USA, but that position is fast eroding, with retailers like Amazon holding major sale days during the middle of the year. Amazon’s Prime Day, for instance, takes place in July and has been around since 2015.

Other retailers are also starting to offer “Black Friday in July” deals. So if you want to find big discounts but don’t want to wait, those July deals can be worth watching out for.


The busiest area on Black Friday

Do you know what the busiest area in the USA is on Black Friday? It is The SouthPark neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina. The traffic there becomes insane on Black Friday! So if you happen to be living there, you might want to avoid getting into that traffic!


Mad Friday

Black Friday is known as the day of sales in the USA and most parts of the world, but in the UK the term “Black Friday” means something different, at least for people who work in the emergency services. Also known as Mad Friday, “Black Friday” is what the police and emergency services personnel in the United Kingdom call the Friday before Christmas, and is the day when these emergency services ramp up their preparation to cope with more people going out drinking on the last Friday before Christmas.

The term isn’t just used by the emergency services anymore though – even outside of those sectors people use it to refer to the last Friday before Christmas.  

On that note, Black Friday isn’t the biggest sale day in the UK – that title belongs to Boxing Day

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10 interesting Black Friday facts & trivia
Now you know 10 interesting Black Friday facts & trivia, but be careful with your purse strings!

Closing thoughts

There you have it, ten interesting Black Friday facts and trivia. Now not only do you know more about this day, you can also dazzle your friends with your knowledge about Black Friday 🙂

Which of these Black Friday facts and trivia did you find most interesting? Which of these did you know about already? Are there any other interesting Black Friday facts and trivia that you know of?

Share your thoughts and facts in the comments section below.

A word about deals before you go… getting deals is a great way to save money, but there is a big thing to remember when it comes to making the most of discounts and deals – they will only save you money if you buy the things you actually need. If you buy things that you don’t need just because there is an attractive deal, it will only end up wasting money. Something to keep in mind, especially during these challenging times. So, shop responsibly.

Stay safe, and have a great weekend.

Happy Friday!

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