Top 9 Christmas Movies To Check Out This December (2019)

Christmas is the season of cheer and festivity. And it would be incomplete without some good Christmas movies to enjoy, especially with your family. So here are some new Christmas movies for you to check out this holiday season.

2019 Christmas movies worth checking out

  1. Holiday Rush: This promises to be a fun, feel-good Christmas movie to enjoy with the family, with good music and a heartfelt storyline. It centers around a single dad who learns the importance of being grateful for what he already has in his life after things go very wrong. Christmas is not just a great time for celebrations, but also for reflecting on the good things you already have – this just might be the movie to help you get into the mood for that.
  2. Klaus: Animation movies are a big part of Christmas, and this Christmas, Klaus is the big one to look out for. A Netflix production, this 2D animated movie tells the story of a postman who teams up with a big, bearded fellow (guess who!) to help resolve a feud between people of a faraway land. It has great visuals, a great storyline, and a set of A-list vocal players. Definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re a lover of animated movies like we are 😉
  3. Feast of the Seven Fishes: If you’re looking for an interesting (read: alternative) Christmas movie with a different-than-usual Christmas storyline, this movie can be just the one for you. Based on an annual Italian tradition called the Feast of the Seven Fishes, this comedy is centered around the quintessential Christmas valued of family, friends and food. By the way, in case you are wondering, yes, this really is a tradition in Italy.
  4. Last Christmas: A Christmas movie starring stars such as Emma Thompson (from now movies such as Nanny McFee and Love Actually) and Emilia Clarke (most famous for her role in Game of Thrones), Last Christmas promises to be a very entertaining Christmas movie. There’s comedy, drama, and romance. It has the potential to be one of the best Christmas movies of the year – certainly worth checking out.
  5. A Christmas Prince – The Royal Baby: If you want something light and fun to watch, this sequel to the Aldovia trilogy could be your thing. It has drama, suspense, and magic in the shape of an ancient curse that threatens the future of an (adorable) infant prince. What will happen? You’ll just have to find out for yourself!
  6. Noelle: Starred by Pitch Perfect’s Anna Kendrick, Noelle is the story of a girl from the North Pole, and her elf, on a quest to find and bring home the successor to Santa. Part adventure, part fairy tale, this promises to be a very enjoyable (and sweet) Christmas movie.
  7. A Christmas Love Story: A very (very) musical Christmas movie, A Christmas Love Story stars Broadway legend Kristin Chenoweth alongside Scott Wolf (from Party of Five), and centers around a young student with an angelic voice, and the uncovering of his potential. A story of hope, this movie has great music, and a very palpable feel-good factor. Could be a great movie to chill out with this Christmas.
  8. Holiday in the Wild: Christmas movies are often a bit too sweet, and we can totally understand if that gets a bit too much sometimes. So here’s another movie that provides a bit of an alternative taste, and a dose of reality, while also giving you that feel-good factor that is such an essential aspect of Christmas movies. The movie centers around a woman who finds herself abandoned by her husband on the eve of their second honeymoon to Africa. She presses on, and the story follows her journey. Without giving away too much, here’s some hints on what she finds – someone who helps her get over her heartache, and a new life purpose. If a feel-good movie with a dose of reality is what you’re after, this movie is one to check out.
  9. Christmas Town: This movie features a classic Christmas storyline, and centers around a woman who’s on the path to restarting her life. A story of hope, this is a great feel-good movie to check out this Christmas.

Last words

Let us know your thoughts on these Christmas movies once you’ve watched them. Which did you like the most?
Any others that you think needs to be added to this list?
Share your thoughts and suggestions about this season’s Christmas movies in the comments section below.

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