Top 50 Delicious, Simple and Easy Egg Recipes for Egg Lovers (Part 2)

Learn about yet more delicious, simple and easy egg recipes in today’s guide

Last week we brought you our first installment of 50 simple and easy egg recipes. We hope you have enjoyed some of them by now. Today we bring you the second installment, with the rest of the 50 egg recipes for you to try.

Carrying on from last week, the recipes we have listed below has something for everyone – no matter what you like. We have things that you can make with eggs that are sweet, and spicy, as well as umami. There are interesting recipes, exotic recipes, and even recipes that will wow not just you, but your friends and family too.

If you are egg lovers like we are, then you will love these egg recipes.

Read on to learn more.

Quick List

Here’s a quick list of the simple and easy egg recipes covered in this 2-part guide (see part 1 here):

  1. Perfect Scrambled Eggs
  2. Perfect Poached Eggs
  3. Perfect Boiled Eggs
  4. Classic Omelette
  5. Spanish Omelette
  6. Easy and fast quiche recipe
  7. Shakshuka
  8. Eggs Benedict Recipe
  9. French Omelette Recipe
  10. Classic Frittata
  11. Tamagoyaki
  12. Eggs Florentine
  13. French Creamed Eggs
  14. Silk String Eggs
  15. Egg Fingers
  16. Classic French Toast Recipe
  17. Egg Toast Sandwich
  18. Egg Pudding Recipe
  19. Creme Caramel
  20. Spicy Masala Egg Curry
  21. Healthy Egg Muffins (3 Ways)
  22. Tandoori Omelette Sandwich
  23. Spicy Mexican Eggs
  24. Classic Deviled Eggs Recipe
  25. Egg Salad
  26. Mughlai Egg Paratha Recipe
  27. Filipino Tortang Talong
  28. Minced Egg Curry
  29. Burmese Egg Bhejo
  30. Chinese Steamed Water Egg Recipe
  31. Egg Dosa
  32. Eggs Kejriwal
  33. Gyeranmari (Korean Egg Roll)
  34. Korean Mayak Eggs (Soy Sauce Marinated Eggs)
  35. Menemen (Turkish Shakshuka)
  36. Pickled Eggs Recipe
  37. Egg Biryani Recipe
  38. Cloud Eggs Recipe
  39. Crispy Egg Pakoda
  40. Egg Pasta Recipe
  41. Crispy Fried Egg Recipe
  42. Egg Pizza
  43. Keto Egg Bites
  44. Mexican Eggs
  45. Golden Egg
  46. Dang Bing (Taiwanese Egg Pancake Recipe)
  47. Italian Style Egg Recipe
  48. Omurice
  49. Cantonese Egg Foo Young (a.k.a. Fuyong Dan or Furong Dan)
  50. Egg Fried Rice

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Let’s begin the egg recipe journey!

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Delicious, Simple & Easy Egg Recipes

# 26

Mughlai Egg Paratha Recipe

# 27

Tortang Talong

A Filipino egg dish made with aubergine (eggplants), this is a recipe that any egg lover will love. A simple and delicious snack, this one is a must-try!

Check out this video recipe to learn more.

# 28

Minced Egg Curry

Check out this egg curry with a twist!

# 29

Burmese Egg Bhejo

Think of this Burmese street food recipe like devilled eggs with a spicy twist, and the twist certainly is a delicious one!


# 30

Chinese Steamed Water Egg Recipe

# 31

Egg Dosa

# 32

Eggs Kejriwal

# 33

Gyeranmari (Korean Egg Roll)

Here’s a korean take on rolled egg omelettes. Very similar to tamagoyaki, this makes for a good and interesting egg-based snack.

# 34

Korean Mayak Eggs (Soy Sauce Marinated Eggs)

Take your boiled eggs to the next level with this Korean egg recipe. They work great as snacks, and can also make for an easy (and lazy!) meal.

# 35

Menemen (Turkish Shakshuka)

# 36

Pickled Eggs Recipe

If you want a quick and tasty egg snack recipe that you can make in batches to have for days, check out this pickled eggs recipe. Not only is this easy to make, it is also quite delicious. Try it out!

By the way, if you like pickled eggs and want to try something more classic and authentic, check out this recipe for an 18th century recipe for pickled eggs.

Note: Something important to remember for pickled eggs – even though you can usually store it outside the fridge, it is better and safer to store them in the fridge.

# 37

Egg Biryani Recipe

# 38

Cloud Eggs Recipe

Cloud eggs were huge some time ago, and they are not just a gimmick – they are actually nice to eat too. So learn how to make your own cloud eggs.

# 39

Crispy Egg Pakoda

Try out this South Indian take on egg snacks!

# 40

Egg Pasta Recipe

# 41

Crispy Fried Egg Recipe

# 42

Egg Pizza

If you like eggs and you like pizza, you are going to love this fusion take on frittata and pizza. Imagine a frittata with a pizza crust, and you will get close to what this recipe is all about. This one will definitely create a buzz at a party!

# 43

Keto Egg Bites

If you are looking for a keto or protein rich snack recipe, give these keto bites a shot.

# 44

Mexican Eggs

If you want something Mexican, try out this Mexican flavour rich egg dish.

# 45

Golden Egg

This is a fascinating take on boiled eggs. If you are not a huge fan of the egg yolk in boiled eggs, you will love this one. In fact, this will revolutionise boiled eggs for you! This also makes for a great party food or snack to serve to friends and family. It will definitely get people talking!

# 46

Dang Bing (Taiwanese Egg Pancake Recipe)

# 47

Italian Style Egg Recipe

# 48


Check out this classic Japanese take on an egg and rice based recipe. Makes for an easy, and interesting, comfort food.

# 49

Cantonese Egg Foo Young (a.k.a. Fuyong Dan or Furong Dan)

# 50

Egg Fried Rice

Check out this simple egg fried rice recipe that you can make in just 5-minutes!

Check out this guide for more fried rice recipes.

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Egg Condiments

Egg recipes are not just about main dishes and snacks, some of the main condiments that we use are, in fact, made with eggs (like mayo). So check out these two recipes below to learn how to easily make two of the most common egg condiments. On that note, check out the Fun Friday section for more easy and quick recipes.

Egg Mayonnaise Recipe

Learn how to make mayonnaise at home, in just a minute!

Hollandaise Sauce

Learn how to make a no-fail hollandaise sauce at home.

Want a faster version? Then check out this 1-minute hollandaise sauce recipe.

Closing Thoughts

What did you think of these 25 simple and easy egg recipes? Have you tried any of these before?

How about the egg recipes in last week’s guide, have you tried those?

Which one of these simple and easy egg recipes is the one you are most excited to try first?

Share your experience, thoughts as well as any tips you might have about these simple and easy egg recipes in the comments section below.

Stay safe, and have fun with these egg recipes. Here’s to a great weekend!

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