Top 20 Health Benefits of Guava Leaves (Part 2)

Guava leaves (known as Bayabas in some parts of Asia) have lots of health benefits, some of which you learned about in the last article. The last instalment of this article discussed some of the main health benefits of this underrated plant. In this article, we will explore ten more of the useful health benefits of guava leaves.

Read on to learn more.

10 More Health Benefits of Guava Leaves


  1. Good for cold, and cough: One vitamin guava leaves are particularly rich in is vitamin C, which is great for cold. The anti-inflammatory properties of these leaves also prove to be very useful for cold, especially for dealing with coughs. The antibacterial properties further boost its ability to aid recovery from cold and cough.
  2. Good for allergies: Guava leaves have been linked with the release of histamine, which can greatly help in reducing and managing allergic reactions. So for allergies like hay fever, guava leaves can prove to be very useful.
  3. Reduces blood cholesterol: Guava leaves help reduce blood cholesterol levels, thanks to its impact on lowering blood pressure. This has a lot of health benefits, namely as a result of an improved circulatory system, and blood lipid levels.
  4. Good for your heart: Guava leaves help manage and lower cholesterol levels, as mentioned above, which is a great thing for your heart. Lowering cholesterol levels, as you probably already know, is essential for maintaining a healthy heart. So guava leaves can help reduce the possibility of heart-related health problems like stroke and heart attacks.
  5. Good for your eyes: Another vitamin guava leaves are rich in is vitamin A. This vitamin is essential for healthy eyesight and ocular health, and also plays an important role in preventing cataracts and macular degeneration.
  6. Good for your oral health: Want to improve your oral health? Guava leaves can help. They contain beneficial substances which help deal with bad breath, and promotes healthy gum and teeth. Some cosmetics companies actually use extracts of this leaf in their toothpaste and mouthwash. Moreover, a paste of it is used in some parts of the world as a replacement of toothpaste.
  7. Good for brain: A really great health benefit of guava leaves is its beneficial impact on our brains. This is mainly thanks to the leaves containing vitamins B3 and B6. These vitamins are essential for maintaining a healthy brain, and as such, consuming guava leaves (or their extract) can help improve our brain function, and health.
  8. Promotes sleep: Guava leaf tea has been shown to have a calming effect on the nerves, which can be great for aiding sleep. This can be particularly useful for anyone struggling to sleep. So if you’re someone who struggles to sleep, or sleep regularly, a cup of guava leaf tea at night is worth giving a shot.
  9. Promotes healing: Guava leaves have long been used to aid in healing. This is largely thanks to the antibacterial properties of guava leaves. The leaves can help speed up mending cuts and wounds, and can also help prevent infections. No wonder they’re often used as a natural bandage.
  10. Improves immune system: As touched on earlier, guava leaves are a rich store of antibacterial substances, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These play a great role in boosting our immune systems, and helps protect our bodies against illnesses. The beneficial properties of guava leaves also helps in limiting infections and inflammations, which further boosts the effectiveness of our immune system. So if you want to improve your immune system, guava leaves are worth checking out.
Top 20 Health Benefits of Guava Leaves (Part 2) leaf
Guava leaves are more potent than you might have known!

Best Ways To Have Guava Leaves

Now that you know how good guava leaves can be for you, you might be wondering how to actually have them.

Here are some easy ways to incorporate guava leaves in your diet:

  • Tea: Making a tea with guava leaves is probably the easiest way to have them. You will miss out on the bulk of the dietary fibers, but it is still a good way to benefit from the nutritional contents of guava leaves. The process can be as simple as boiling some leaves in water and then drinking that tea. You might also be able to get tea bags of guava leaf tea, if you prefer the convenience.
  • Powder: You can dry up the leaves and grind them to dust. This way you can just add the powder to something you’re eating, which makes it a very simple way to consume them. If you’re finding it hard to get your hands on guava leaves, or can’t be bothered with the process of pulverising them, you can also buy powdered versions.
  • Pills: The third way, having guava leaf extract as pills, is the most unobtrusive. If you’re worried about the taste or just want a super simple (read zero effort) way to incorporate guava leaves in your diet, then having them in pill form can be the option for you. That said, pills will very likely contain the least amount of the nutritional goodness (which you can verify from the nutritional content labels), so that’s something for you to think about.
Top 20 Health Benefits of Guava Leaves (Part 2) consumption
The 3 best ways to have guava leaves

How do they taste

If you have never had guava leaves before, you might be wondering about their taste. And it’s a reasonable thing to wonder about. So here’s the good news – they actually have a very mild taste.

The taste is a lot like that of raw guavas. If you’ve had guavas before, the flavor of the guava leaves will be a very familiar one.

Even if you’re not familiar with guavas, there’s still nothing to worry about, as the taste (and smell) is actually quite pleasant.

That said, you will only really know if you’ll be ok with its taste by actually trying it. So have a go!

Top 20 Health Benefits of Guava Leaves (Part 2) fruit
Guava leaves are just as full of nutrients are the fruit!

Last words

Guava leaves are often not thought of as beneficial, or even useful. But as you have learned in these articles, they actually pack quite the nutritional punch. If you have access to them, they are definitely worth giving a shot, won’t you say.

What’s your take on the health benefits of guava leaves?

Do you have any experience with them, or any tips about them to share?

Share your thoughts, experiences and tips about the usage and health benefits of guava leaves in the comments section below.


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