The Top 10 Longest Living Animals on Earth!

Learn about the top 10 longest living animals on Earth in today’s story. 

Humans are living longer and longer now, longer than we have ever in history, thanks largely to the advances in healthcare and medicine. But we still are not the longest living animals on Earth. We don’t even rank in the top 10! Want to know which animals do? Then keep reading, because you are about to find out.

Get ready to be amazed!

Top 10 Longest Living Animals

Ready to find out about the animals that live the longest?

Then let the countdown begin.

Longest living animal # 10 – Tuatara

How long can they live: 100 years

The Tuataras are famously known as modern dinosaurs – they are living fossils since they are the only living members of their order, the Sphenodontia.

These animals are found only in New Zealand. Who knew the Kiwis have such distinguished company!

Longest living animal # 9 – Longfin Eel

How long can they live: 106 years

The oldest Longfin Eel is recorded to have lived for 106 years, which easily makes these animals one of the longest living animals on the planet.

Found in Australia and New Zealand, they grow incredibly slowly (like the Greenland Sharks), which is key to their long life.

Longest living animal # 8 – Galapagos Giant Tortoise

How long can they live: 177 years

The Galapagos Giant Tortoise is the longest living species of tortoise, with an average lifespan of 177 years.

Lonesome George is the most famous Galapagos Giant Tortoise, who is over a 100 years old currently and still classed as a young adult!

Longest living animal # 7 – Red Sea Urchin

How long can they live: 200 years+

The Red Sea Urchins (Strongylocentrotus franciscanus) are sea creatures with incredibly long life, known to have a lifespan of over 200 years, which easily makes them one of the longest living animals on Earth.

They are found mainly near the northern coast of Japan, and the west coast of North America.

Longest living animal # 6 – Bowhead Whale

How long can they live: 200 years+

At an average lifespan of 200 years, the Bowhead Whale is another species of animal that can live for over 200 years, and is the longest living mammal that we know of.

They are also the fifth-largest marine mammal species on Earth.

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Longest living animal # 5 – Lamellibrachia Tube Worm

How long can they live: 250 years

Who know one of the longest living animals on Earth would be a tube worm! But these tube worms are not your normal tube worms – they live deep in the ocean, near the ocean floors.

They grow incredibly slowly with a maximum known length of 6 feet, about the size of a full-grown human!

Longest living animal # 4 – Greenland Shark

How long can they live: 400 years

Sharks are one of the longest living animals on the planet, and the Greenland Shark species takes the cake when it comes to lifespan.

On average the live for about 200 years, but one was found to have lived for about 400 years. Due to its long lifespan, it is the longest-living vertebrae known to man.

But there is sad news – the species is under threat of extinction. Hopefully though, it will be around for a while still, especially with the conservation efforts underway to preserve the species.

Longest living animal # 3 – Ocean Quahog Clam

How long can they live: 507 years

Ocean Quahog (not to be confused with the Family Guy character!) is a species of clam with incredibly long lifespans, and is easily one of the longest living animals on Earth.

Based on some collected specimens, the lifespan of the Ocean Quahog clams have been estimated to be around 400 years long.

There was even one – the famous clam, Ming – who is reported to have lived for a whopping 507 years! It was killed accidentally while scientists were trying to retrieve it. The irony… 

Longest living animal # 2 – Antarctic Sponge

How long can they live: 15,000 years!

Yes, you read that right. 15,000 years. Antarctic Sponges live in extremely cold temperatures which is the main reason why they live for such an incredibly long time.

Studies have found that the sponges that live deeper tend to live longer, which would make sense since the deeper they live, the colder it is.

Longest living animal # 1 – Turritopsis Dohrnii Jellyfish

How long do they live: Forever (unless they are eaten of course!) 

The Turritopsis dohrnii species of jellyfish is basically immortal, thanks to its ability to between adult stage and infant stage. That makes them the absolute longest living of the longest living animals on Earth!

In theory, it can do this in perpetuity, so unless there are external harmful factors (like predators or accidents) to deal with, they can continue to live forever!

Want to know more about the longest living animals on Earth? Check out this list on Wikipedia for a comprehensive list.

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Closing thoughts

The thing about long life is that it is always subject to the circumstances the animal experiences. In good circumstances and ideal scenarios, they will live long. On the other hand, if their circumstances are challenging, then even the longest living animal won’t survive for long (think dinosaurs…).

But hey, that’s just how life works.

What do you think of today’s guide on the longest living animals on earth? Do you think we have missed any?

Share your thoughts and notes about the longest living animals on earth in the comments section below.

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