Top 10 Journaling Apps for Android

If you are reading this article, then you understand that journaling is good for you, and want an easy way to do that on your Android phone using an app. However, there are literally thousands of apps on the Google play store, and choosing a good one can be a bit daunting, not to mention time-consuming. That is where today’s article comes in.

At Life Lab Magazine, we are passionate about using technology to improve our lives, and apps are a great way to do that. We have scoured through the app store to find you some great options to check out. This way, you don’t have to spend hours trying to find a good journaling app. Check out today’s article for a shortlist of the top 10 journaling apps for android.

At the very least, these will give you at least some great ideas on which journaling apps to try. That said, we are pretty confident that you will find a journaling app that will be great for you in this list. So, check them out.

By the way, if you are an Apple iPhone user, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered too. Here you can find a list of journaling apps for the iPhone.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s begin with this list for android journaling apps.

Top Journaling Apps for Android

Here are 10 of the best Android journaling apps (in no order of preference):

Android journaling app # 1 – Journey

Android writing app - Journey

Journey is a beautiful android journaling app that comes with a clean interface, and quite a few bells and whistles for those of you who like feature-rich apps.

It has the option to create and store not just your journal entries, but also your gratitude log, and a whole lot more. It also comes with a “journaling coach” to help you get started with journaling if you are new to it.

The 4-digit PIN adds an extra layer of security to keep your private thoughts private, and the option to add images make the journal more interactive.

Oh, and you can also set up reminders, which is great especially when you are getting started with the journaling habit. We all know it can be easy to forget doing things when you are initially creating a new habit, and the reminders help with that. Worth checking out. 

Android journaling app # 2 – DiveThru

Android journaling app # 2

If you are looking for a guided journaling option, then this next journaling app on the list can be useful for you. It has bite-sized sessions lasting from as little as 6 minutes to just 18 minutes. Great way to get started with journaling.  

There are over a thousand guided journaling exercises in the app, so it can be great for anyone who wants to give journaling a real go. 

Android journaling app # 3 – Journaly

Android journaling app # 3

Want to make journaling more effortless? Then this android journaling app will totally float your boat. 

Journaly, the app in question, comes with an auto-journaling feature, which adds notes about your travels, the weather, and more automatically in your journal, in case you forget. This way you can have notes of what happened even if you forget. Also, you can always go and edit them later, and expand on them. A really interesting and useful feature, especially for the absent-minded amongst you 😉

It also has a mood emoji journaling for tracking your mood. 

Android journaling app # 4 – Daylio

Journaling android app - Daylio

When talking about journaling your mood, here’s another app that makes the process simple and straightforward. Daylio is not just a journaling app, it is also a mood tracker.

One of our favorite features of this app is the snapshot view of your mood over a period of time (month, year, etc). A cool way to identify if there are any patterns, which can help you to create plans for dealing with the downtimes. 

Android journaling app # 5 – Questions Diary

Question Diary Android journaling app

The fifth journaling app on our list is one that uses a very interesting approach to journaling – that of using questions. 

The questions are designed to prompt you to journal about your life. This approach also makes journaling quite simple and specific, as you are dealing with a specific question rather than writing about anything and everything. Can be useful for those who prefer to have a specific prompt. 

Android journaling app # 6 – Luna Diary

Android journaling app Luna

Here’s yet another journaling app with a unique and interesting approach to journaling. Luna Diary has a beautiful interface and encourages you to journal by increasing the number of flowers and stars.

If you need some extra motivation to get going with your journaling habit, this can be a good app can be a good one to try. 

Android journaling app # 7 – Daily Life

Daily Life - Android journaling app

Daily Life is a clean and straightforward journaling app that does exactly what it says on the packet, i.e. help you keep a log of your daily life. 

The app gives you to option to not just add written notes, but pictures too. This way you can take your journaling to the next level, and make them more interactive and visually appealing. 

If you like the idea of having a journal that includes not just words but images too, then this is a good one to check out. 

Android journaling app # 8 – Life

Android journaling app LIfe

Don’t feel like writing your thoughts down? Then this next app on our list might be the perfect journaling app for you. 

Life comes with a voice to text feature that you can use to speak your thoughts rather than write them down. 

It also has a night and day theme, so you can customise how the journal app looks based on the time of the day. 

Android journaling app # 9 – Diary

Diary - android journaling app

Diary is a simple journaling app that has a default dark theme. If you like a black screen and white text, you will love this journaling app. 

There is also an option to export your journal notes as pdf and text, and you can also setup your journal notes to sync with your Dropbox account to back them up. The backup features really made this one of our top favorites. 

Android journaling app # 10 – Writeaday

Android journaling app # 10

The last journaling app on the list is yet another feature-rich one – Writeaday. 

The app has a 5-minute journaling feature that prompts you to journal for just 5 minutes, at the beginning and the end of the day. This is great, especially for anyone who is getting started with journaling, and/or finds the idea of journaling for long periods of time a bit overwhelming or intimidating. 

You can use your Gmail account to backup the journals, and there is a passcode lock, and a fingerprint lock, to secure it. 

If you like the idea of journaling without it becoming overwhelming, then this can be a good one to try. 

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Summary list

To summarise, here are the top 10 journaling apps for android: 

  1. Journey
  2. DiveThru
  3. Journaly
  4. Daylio
  5. Questions Diary
  6. Luna Diary
  7. Daily Life
  8. Life
  9. Diary
  10. Writeaday

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Closing thoughts

What are your thoughts on these 10 journaling apps for Android?

Which ones have you tried (if any), and which ones are you curious to try first?

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.

One tiny request

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