Top 10 Humorous & Funny Books to Read in 2020

Find out about 10 of the best funny books to read in 2020 in today’s guide.

Lately, we have done a few guides (and talked a fair bit) about things you can do at home. There are indoor games to try at home, food to make at home, and even Netflix comedy movies and other top shows to watch (or binge) while at home (there’s quite a bit – you can see the whole list here). We know that spending a lot of time indoors can be a bit challenging at times, so those should help make your life at least a bit easier, and more fun.

Now that another weekend is upon us, we wanted to do something a bit different for you, different from what we have done so far. This time, we wanted to bring you a list of books that will help you have a good time, specifically books that will make you laugh. If you are a fan of reading like we are, you know that very few things compare to the joy of settling down with a good book and just devouring it. But these books won’t just be gripping, they are also fun – you see, we wanted to add some laughter and joy in your life. You can’t have enough of those after all.

Also, laughter is the best medicine as they say.

So check out today’s guide on some of the best, funniest books around at this time. They are all available on Amazon, the biggest marketplace on Earth, so getting your hands on them will be pretty easy, and they are nearly all available in both digital and physical versions so you can enjoy them in whatever medium you like.

Read on to learn more.

funny books to read 2020
Check out these funny books to read, the funniest books around right now

Funny books to read

Here is our top list of the most hilarious, and really funny books to read right now.

Let the funny book countdown begin!

# 10

Bears Want to Kill You: The Authoritative Guide to Survival in the War Between Man and Bear

  • What’s the book about: This is the first honest book about bears ever written. No lies, no propaganda. It’s the hard reality nobody wants to face. Can you bear the truth? Ethan Nicole is the co-creator of comic and TV series Axe Cop, webcomic Bearmageddon, writer for the Babylon Bee and writer for animated TV shows such as Teen Titans Go! and VeggieTales in the House. He resides in a giant bear locker in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.
  • Average rating: 5/5
  • Number of positive reviews: 73
  • Grab your copy of this funny book here.

# 9

Confessions of a Proverbs 32 Woman: How I Went from Messed Up to Blessed Up Without Changing a Single Thing

  • What’s the book about:In Confessions of a Proverbs 32 Woman, Kerri fearlessly shares the messiness of her own life with wit and honesty. Join her as she delves into the struggles of the modern woman tired of trying and failing to live up to Pinterest-looking, air-brushed, and insta-filtered “real life” role models telling her she’s not quite good enough. And learn the two things you can hold onto for longer than your smartphone: genuine self-awareness and humble God-awareness.
  • Average rating: 5/5
  • Number of positive reviews: 74
  • Grab your copy of this amusing book here.

# 8

Happy Fat: Taking Up Space in a World That Wants to Shrink You

  • What’s the book about: Part memoir, part social commentary, Happy Fat is a funny, angry and impassioned look at how taking up space in a culture that is desperate to reduce you can be radical, emboldening and life-changing.
  • Average rating: 5/5
  • Number of positive reviews: 75
  • Grab your copy of this fun book here.

# 7

Dories, Ho!

  • What’s the book about: If you are looking for a story that will make you laugh and inspire you to get out and see our incredible national parks, Dories, Ho! is for you.
  • Average rating: 5/5
  • Number of positive reviews: 77
  • Grab your copy of this funny book here.

# 6

I Love You. Now Go Away: Confessions of a Woman with a Smartphone

  • What’s the book about: “I Love You. Now Go Away: Confessions of a Woman with a Smartphone” is a thoroughly modern concept, a book drafted entirely on a phone. On the bleachers, in the bathroom — anywhere she could, with any time she could find, Dawn pulled her smartphone from her purse and let her thumbs do the walking, tapping out a side-splitting romp through midlife in the Midwest.
  • Average rating: 5/5
  • Number of positive reviews: 79
  • Grab your copy of this humorous book here.

# 5

Mom Babble: The Messy Truth about Motherhood

  • What’s the book about: Featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show sharing her “Holiday Magic” viral video. Hope, humor, and spiritual inspiration to families in the trenches of parenthood from the founder of Mom Babble.
  • Average rating: 5/5
  • Number of positive reviews: 106
  • Grab your copy of this fun book here.

# 4

Working Actor: Breaking in, Making a Living, and Making a Life in the Fabulous Trenches of Show Business

  • What’s the book about: Mixing prescriptive advice (“Getting Started,” “Learning Your Craft,” “Finding an Agent”) with wisdom drawn from David Dean Bottrell’s own professional highs and lows and those of his acting compatriots, this book’s humorous, tell-it-like-it-is tone is a must-have guide for anyone hoping to successfully navigate show business.
  • Average rating: 5/5
  • Number of positive reviews: 130
  • Grab your copy of this amusing book here.

# 3

Goats of Anarchy: One Woman’s Quest to Save the World One Goat At A Time

  • What’s the book about: Join Pocket, Ella, Chibs, Lyla, Prospect and Polly–the goat who took the Internet by storm with her adorable duck costume–as they rumble, snuggle, pig out, dress up, and even teach you a few goat yoga moves to loosen your haunches. You will love the beautiful, full-color photographs throughout this bio filled book. Whether they’re learning to walk or just romping around the farm, these horned and hooved heartbreakers will have you grinning ear to ear as they chew the scenery—literally!
  • Average rating: 5/5
  • Number of positive reviews: 131
  • Grab your copy of this fun book here.

# 2

I Hate the Dallas Cowboys: Tales of a Scrappy New York Boyhood

  • What’s the book about: In this funny and bittersweet portrait of his first 18 years, Tommy relives his adventures and misadventures—the day Yogi Berra stepped on his toe, the mystery behind Dad’s vanished pants, and the airborne manhole cover that crushed Pete Palermo’s cherished Patrician Green Thunderbird. With ample photographs, the author revisits a world that echoes TV’s “The Wonder Years”—just add taverns, subways, and Checker cabs.
  • Average rating: 5/5
  • Number of positive reviews: 133
  • Grab your copy of this funny book here.

# 1

Surprisingly Down to Earth, and Very Funny

  • What’s the book about: The hysterical, shocking and incredibly intimate memoir from one of the most original and unique comedians alive today – Brian Limond, aka Limmy. 
  • Average rating: 5/5
  • Number of positive reviews: 256
  • Grab your copy of this hilarious book here.

Note about the research: The ratings and review data about the most funny books to read in 2020 is sourced from Amazon, as of the date of the original publication (10th July 2020).

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Fun time!

Have a go. Get one (or more) of these funny books and then lose yourself in the humour and fun. Little compares to the joy of losing yourself in a good book, and the book being humorous and funny definitely will add to the enjoyment.

What do you think of these 10 humorous and funny books to read? Have you read any of them? If yes, what did you think?

Which of these funny books are you most looking forward to reading first?

Share your thoughts and opinions about these funny books to read in the comments section below.

Have a fun Friday, and weekend!

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