This is officially the most powerful Marvel character in the MCU universe

Who do you think is the most powerful Marvel character? When you think about that question, characters like Thanos, Thor, Captain Marvel will very likely pop-up in your mind.

But as it turns out, none of them hold the title for the most powerful Marvel character in the MCU universe.

In fact, that crown belongs to someone else altogether.

Want to know who? Then read on.

The most powerful Marvel character

So if none of the other characters mentioned earlier hold the title of the most powerful, who does?

According to Kevin Feige, chief creative architect of the Marvel movies, it is the Scarlet Witch (source).

The Scarlet Witch isn’t a new Marvel character – in fact, she is one of the oldest ones, being around since the start of Marvel itself.

The daughter of Magneto, her reality-warping powers are so formidable that she was the only one who went as close to beating Thanos as anyone else did. And she might have beaten him too, had it not been for her concern for others.

Here is a clip with a demonstration of the Scarlet Witch’s powers:

Last words

The Scarlet Witch has had a long ride, and often her powers haven’t gotten much of a limelight. Maybe this is the beginning of a new chapter for this long-underestimated superpowered mutant.

What do you think – is the Scarlet Witch the most powerful Marvel character?

Share your thoughts and ideas about the most powerful Marvel character in the MCU universe in the comments section below.

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