The optimal time to drink coffee, according to new research

Today is International Coffee Day! 

Yes, we definitely need more reason to drink coffee… 😉

Most people drink their coffee first thing in the morning, be it on their way to work or when they are starting their day.

Did you know though that there is an optimal time to drink coffee?

Yes, there is. 

Want to know what that is? 

10 am

Yes, 10 am is the optimal time to drink coffee, according to new research. That is because our cortisol levels are starting to slump around that time, so the caffeine can do the most good then. Drink coffee before, and it doesn’t really do much in terms of giving you that boost. 

So if you are drinking coffee because you love it, rather than because you want to benefit from the caffeine boost, the time really doesn’t matter. 

But if you want to drink it mainly because of the caffeine boost, drink it around 10 am, as that is when you will benefit most from the boost.

By the way, if you are looking for an afternoon hit, there is a good time to do that too – 2 pm. Your cortisol levels start dropping by mid-afternoon, so your second cup of coffee can most benefit you when you drink it at 2 pm.

This definitely is one of my favourite bio hacks!

Try it out, see if it works for you.

Do you have an optimal time to drink coffee? What works for you?

International Coffee Day 2018
International Coffee Day 2018

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