The New iPhone SE 2020 – 10 Things You Need To Know

Curious about the new iPhone SE 2020? Then read today’s guide to learn more about the newest budget iPhone (SE 2020), including the essential features, as well as the good and the bad.

Read on to learn more.

iPhone SE 2020 Features

Iphone SE 2020 Features
Check out the essential features of the new iPhone SE 2020

Here are 10 things you need to know about the features of the new iPhone SE 2020.

  1. Cost: $399. That price point makes this budget iPhone cheaper than the basic iPhone 11, by a whopping $300! The basic version of the iPhone 11 retails at $699.
  2. Size: One of the most obvious features of the new iPhone SE is its size (these are the exact dimensions – 5.45 x 2.65 x 0.29 inches.) – it is smaller than the usual iPhone size. Smaller isn’t worse though, as the compact size makes this phone more portable and easier to handle. The small size also means it weighs less, at 148g (5.22 oz).
  3. Water-resistant: One of the key highlights of the iPhone models lately has been their ability to be water-resistant. The new SE model continues on that trend. It is waterproof up to 3.3 meters and can withstand up to 30 minutes of submerging. For the more technically minded users, here’s a note – it comes with an IP67 level certification.
  4. Screen size: 4.7 inches. Compared to the 6.7 inches on the iPhone 11, it is smaller. But, compared to the 4-inch screen of the older iPhone SE, it is larger.
  5. Camera: It comes with a 12 MP rear camera, which is pretty decent for casual photography and Instagramming. It’s actually decent even for doing the occasional videos. The front camera comes with a 7MP resolution.
  6. Home Button: This is the only iPhone model right now that features a home button, especially since Apple is pulling the plug on iPhone 8, their last model with a physical home button.
  7. Colours: The iPhone SE comes in three colours – white, black, and red. Those are the only colour choices you get, which is less than the last model, but still a decent range.
  8. Storage: The basic version of the iPhone SE comes with a 64GB storage, but you also have the option to get 128GB or 256GB storage versions.
  9. Headphone jack: In keeping with the newer iPhone models, the SE model does not have a headphone jack.
  10. Fingerprint sensor: The iPhone SE 2020 model comes with a fingerprint sensor (embedded in the home button).

Video Summary: 10 Things You Need To Know About The New iPhone SE 2020

You can learn more about the features and specs of the new iPhone SE 2020 on the official website, here.

The new iPhone SE comes in 3 colours
The new iPhone SE comes in 3 colours. Source: Apple

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The good, and the bad of the new iPhone SE 2020

So what’s good, and bad about the new iPhone SE 2020? Here is what we found out so far:

  • Smaller size – The size can be a good thing for anyone who prefers smaller phones. The smaller size makes the phone easier to carry in your pocket, not to mention, more lightweight. On the other hand, if you like having a 6-inch screen, then this might not be great for you.
  • Camera – The new iPhone SE comes with a decent phone, but iPhone 11 had a better quality camera. So if you already have that one, the SE model will not be an upgrade for you.
  • Home Button – If you like a physical button to get you back to the Home screen of your iPhone, then this model is one you will like. For most users, this feature makes this iPhone model easier to use. This way you don’t have to worry about swiping and flipping to get back to your home screen, which, let’s face it, can be a bit of a pain sometimes.
  • Video quality – The iPhone SE features a 1080px resolution for videos, which is decent. But if you want 4K quality, you will have to go with iPhone 11. That, or wait for the next model.
  • Headphone jack: If you use a conventional headphone, you will find using the iPhone SE frustrating as it does not have a headphone jack. That said, Apple has phased out headphone jacks in nearly all of its newer phones, so unless you get an older Apple iPhone model, you won’t really have much of an option to remedy the situation.
  • Fingerprint sensor – Lately the iPhone models have not featured a fingerprint sensor, which left users at the mercy of the face scanner (which can be pretty cumbersome and frustrating to use at times), or a pin code. With the new iPhone SE 2020, you get a fingerprint scanner in the home button, which can make the process of unlocking your phone easier.
This is what the new iPhone SE 2020 looks like
This is what the new iPhone SE 2020 looks like. Source: Apple

Should you get this new iPhone model?

All said and done, is the iPhone SE 2020 something you should get?

There really is no easy answer to that because it depends on your situation. If you are an iPhone fan, and on a budget, then the answer will very likely be a yes. But before you do that though, before you get it, ask yourself this question: do you really need a new phone? Compare the features of the new phone with the iPhone model you currently have. Are there any significant feature upgrades?

Especially at a time like this (what with the Coronavirus situation and all), when the world is likely facing a big recession, it is important to be a bit cautious about your spending, and save where you can. So if you don’t really need a phone, then getting this won’t make sense. Let’s face it, Apple’s new budget phone isn’t going anywhere, so if you need it down the line, you can always get it then (getting it during the Boxing Day sale might be a great time, in fact, as you might be able to bag yourself a much better price!).

That said, if you do need a new phone now, then this can be one to consider. Or, check out an Android alternative. They might work out cheaper. Check out this article to get some ideas about the cool things an Android can do that an iPhone can’t

Closing thoughts

What do you think of the new iPhone SE 2020? Which version of the iPhone are you using now, and how does it stack up to this newer budget iPhone?

Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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