The Most Common Myth About Success You Should Know About

Learn about the most common myth about success in today’s guide. Listen to the audio version here

Do you know what the most common misconception about success is? It is a myth that is perpetuated in every corner of the world, a myth that ultimately does more harm than good?

Want to know what it is? Then stay tuned, because that’s what today’s guide is all about. Learning about this myth, this misconception about success is not just important, it is essential in order for you to have a better and happier life. 

Keep reading to learn more.

The Most Common Myth About Success?

Let’s talk about the most common success myth.

There is a widespread idea, a common misconception, of what success really means.

This concept is really widespread – it has spread to nearly every part of the world.

Want to know what this myth, this misconception about success is?

It is that success equals to money.

Success = money

This is how most people think about success. They measure success by monetary gains, and as a result making money becomes the standard measure for success. 

But there is a fundamental problem with this standard definition of success, because people are not really after money just for its own sake – money is just a means to an end.

And guess what that end is… yes, you guessed it right, that end nearly always is happiness.

So what people are really after is happiness. Money is just the means to that end. People chase after money in order to gain happiness, and end up deciding that money is what success is all about.

That’s a flawed idea, and causes a whole host of problems.

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This misconception is why a lot of people stay unhappy even after achieving financial and career success.
And this is also why the happiest people in the world are not the richest. But not just that, this belief of what success is all about is often the cause of bigger problems, like the biggest recession in history to date. 

Here’s the reality about happiness: how wealthy you are is never directly proportional to how happy you are.

There is no direct correlation.

If there was, if happiness was all about having money and financial success, then all the successful and wealthy people in the world would be happy – but as you know, many of them are not.

Far too many of them.

The same goes for some of the richest people in the world too, many of them are famously unhappy.

I have had personal experience of this. There was a point in my own life when money was my main goal,  if not my only parameter for success. But that came at a great cost to my health and wellbeing. I was a hardcore workaholic, working 20 hours a day most days. Even though the business I was working on did well, I did not. It took quite a toll on my health, the effects of which took me years to reverse. But that’s a story for another day. 

So here’s the point I want to get across today – that success is NOT about money.

It never has been, and it never will be.

But believing success to be all about making money not only creates the wrong priorities, it also takes a toll on you, especially on your health and wellbeing. 

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Is money bad?

Don’t get me wrong though – money isn’t bad. That’s not what I’m saying. Having money is a great thing, it is a great facilitator.

After all, money does make the world go around.

But money is not, has never been, and never will be, everything. It is a great tool, but it is not everything. 

Having money can and does make your life easier, but the pursuit of money for the sake of happiness is a problematic pursuit. It is a deluded pursuit. And it is ironic too because this pursuit for money is often what leads to unhappiness, stress and even health issues.

The chasing after money is of course why a lot of people get sick due to overworking and too much stress. 

So money is not everything, and it should not be your main priority (that is, if happiness is your goal).

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The perspective you need to have a good life

I’m not against money, not at all. I appreciate money for its role as a facilitator. This talk is by no means a manifesto against money or financial success. Like I mentioned earlier, money is important.

My goal is not to demonise money, but rather to give you perspective on how important it is, and is not. Money is important, very important even, but it is NOT the most important thing in life.

Why do I want you to have this perspective?

Why do you need this perspective?

You need this in order to avoid making the mistakes people make when they believe money = success. You need it because most people tend to think of money as the most important thing in life and they chase after it believing that it will lead them to happiness. They decide to prioritise money over everything else, or end up treating it as their main priority in order to achieve happiness – when in reality it does not.

Money is useful, but it alone can never lead to happiness.

If money was the most important thing and if it alone was enough to be happy, then having lots of it would make people happy, healthy, and so on.

But the reality is, it does not. 

Think about this for a moment: if happiness is the end goal, if happiness is your end goal, then how much money do you need? Do you really need as much as you think? Do you need to work day and night, or prioritise making money over your health, or your family?

The simple answer to that is no, you don’t.

I hope you can see by now that if you are prioritising money over the things that actually make you happy – like spending time with the people you care about, being healthy, and so on – you are doing something that, at the end of the day, does the opposite of making you happy.

Chasing money to lead you to happiness is the wrong strategy. It is a flawed plan, because it prioritises the wrong thing.

You don’t need to work yourself to the bones. You don’t need to work day and night (at least not your whole life) to create the life you really want, and be happy, and successful.

Often enough is all you need.

Especially when that “enough” helps you avoid extra stress, and gives you more time to spend as you want.
You might be able to work a decent number of hours (if not less hours even) to make enough money, and then use the rest of your time to do the things you love, including things like spending more time with the people you love and care about. 

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Getting your priorities straight

Having your priorities straight is important. That saves you a lot of unnecessary struggle, not to mention stress and unhappiness.

At the end of the day, money is just a tool, it’s not the ultimate goal.

As such, getting clear on what your definition of success is comes in very handy in regards to this.

Often we adopt the definition of success that is perpetuated by society at large, the one about financial success. This is usually why in most of the world financial success is widely seen as the epitome of success. 

But the truth is very different.

The truth is that money is not the only barometer for success. It has never been, and it will never be. If it was, we would not count athletes and artists and performers and so on as successful.

Like Van Gogh.

He is without a doubt one the most accomplished and successful people in history – even people who aren’t very familiar with art know about him. But he was not financially successful. There are many more people like that, people who are successful, but had very little or no money.

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Success, in reality, is not about money. How much money you make can certainly be counted as an accomplishment, yes, but there are many things that count as accomplishment, not just how much money you have. For example, I count being able to communicate in four languages as a great personal accomplishment. It is something that makes my life easier, especially when I’m traveling. I am damn proud of a lot of other things too, like writing my first book in 7 days, and the number of people I’ve personally helped improve their lives, and so on. Those are accomplishments that are more valuable to me than money.
There will be things in your life too that count as accomplishments, things you are (or at least should be) proud of.

Everyone has successes and accomplishments, even if they don’t realise it. Having that self awareness can help you to become happier. That awareness can also help you to realise the truth about your own successes, and capabilities. 

myth about success
The myth about success – learn the truth about success

The truth about success

Here’s the bottomline, the truth about success: the concept of success is extremely subjective.

Like nearly everything in our lives.

It all comes down to our perception, to how we view things and what we believe. Let me give you an example: consider someone who makes a hundred dollars a day. This person would be counted as doing ok in the West. Just ok but not wealthy, not by any means.

But that very same income would place this person in the wealthy category in a less well-to-do country, especially when you consider how many people around the world make less than a dollar a day.

It is all about perception.

What you believe about success is all about how you perceive it.

This of course is why the concept of mindset and the way you think is so incredibly important, and why having a growth mindset is so useful. If you are interested in improving your mindset, check out How to Think Better in 7 Days – Learn How to Think Better, Be Happier and More Positive, in Just 7 Days.

As for money and financial success, go for it by all means, but not at the expense of the other important things in your life.

Think about your priorities, and priotise well.

You don’t need to be a millionaire to be happy, you just need enough money, especially if your end goal is achieving a happy and good life. 

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Thought exercise to define your priorities

Before I end today, I have a small exercise for you, something that will help you not just now, but in the long term too, so it is worth doing. It’ll only take a few minutes.

Here’s what I want you to do right now: grab a pen and some paper, and think about your priorities.

Ask yourself – what is truly important for me in life?

Think about that question, and I mean really think about it, and then answer it in as much detail as possible. Write it, don’t type it – writing things down physically has a great way of clarifying things, and also helps to solidify the information in your brain, so write it down.

This exercise can be really useful in clarifying your priorities.

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Closing thoughts

Get clarity on what you’re really after, and your definition of success. Understand whether you’re chasing financial success for your own sake, or for the sake of others. When you get such awareness, when you start to think clearly and think better, you start the process of upgrading your life.

I hope you found today’s guide useful. Check out my bite-sized weekly podcast if you want to learn more about growth mindset and thinking better. 

Take care of yourself, and pay attention to your thoughts, because how you think effects every area of your life.

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