The Dangers of Unhealthy Eating – 10 Reasons Why You Need To Eat Healthy

“You are what you eat” – you’ve very likely heard that saying, and actually it’s more true than you might realise. What you eat has a big impact on your health and wellbeing. This is especially true if you are not eating well. Want to know just how important it is, and how much it can affect you? Then check out today’s article to find out about the top ten dangers of unhealthy eating.
Read on to find out more.

Unhealthy Eating

Here are ten (+ one) of the main dangers of unhealthy eating:
  1. Obesity: This is an obvious one. If you eat unhealthily (and don’t work it off), the thing you can count on happening is gaining weight. Keep doing it, and you will be on track to become obese. Being obese comes with a whole host of health problems, and has a big impact on the quality of your life, and not the good kind of impact.
  2. Type-2 Diabetes: One of the biggest causes of type-2 diabetes is unhealthy eating. No one wants to get diabetes, and for good reason – it is a massive inconvenience and drastically changes how you live your life. It’ll also massively curtail what you can and cannot eat. So if you love food, you need to be mindful of this. Being responsible and aware of what you eat (and how often/much) can help you avoid type-2 diabetes, which means you can still occasionally indulge on your favourite things (as opposed to being forced to not eat them at all).
  3. Heart problems: Bad eating practices means eating things that clog up your arteries. This makes it harder for your heart to function the way it is to. A bad heart impacts your quality of life quite significantly.
  4. Kidney problems: Yet another organ that will struggle to cope and function properly if you eat unhealthily regularly are your kidneys. Our kidneys perform a vital function inside our body, and when its ability to do its job is impaired, we can actually get poisoned from the inside!
  5. Tooth decay: Unhealthy eating involves eating stuff that are high in sugar. Lots of sugar is a favourite for cavities. So the more you eat unhealthily, the more you give fodder to cavities, and that impacts the health of your teeth. Dental health issues like tooth decay can largely be traced to ones eating patterns. Eat badly, and your teeth will rot – often literally!
  6. Back pain: The heavier you are, the more weight your back will need to support, which will lead to back pain. If it goes on for long, the back pain can become constant, chronic even. Living with constant back pain is seriously unpleasant don’t you think?
  7. Cancer: Unhealthy eating makes it harder for your internal defence mechanism to function properly, which makes it easier for conditions like cancer to take root inside you. If you don’t want cancer, healthy eating is a good way to reduce the potential of getting them.
  8. Premature aging: Eating badly puts a lot of pressure on your internal mechanisms to cope with the trauma that the bad food puts your body through. This can (and does) effect how well you age. Keep eating badly and your body will age faster. This is why the body age of obese people is nearly always much higher than their actual age. If you want to look and feel half your age, and be strong as you get older, it is absolutely essential to eat healthily.
  9. Lower energy levels: Unhealthy eating has a direct impact on your energy levels – a negative impact. When you eat badly (like eating a lot of fried and/or high sugar food), you will notice that your energy levels slump, and you have less energy than you normally do. This affects your quality of life significantly, and also massively impacts your productivity levels. If you want to excel in your career, and want to be able to fully enjoy life (and have a good quality of life), bad eating habits is certainly something to avoid.
  10. Mental health problems: Eating badly isn’t just bad for your physical health, it impacts your mental health too. Often the bad food will cause obesity and health problems which impacts ones self esteem. Left unchecked this only gets worse, even leading to issues like severe depression (or worse). Bad nutrition also affects the chemical balance in our brain which impacts our mood – this is why a great way to boost your mood (and levels of happiness and wellbeing) is to eat well.

Premature death

The dangers of unhealthy eating mentioned above are pretty darn serious. Left unchecked though, here’s the biggest danger unhealthy eating will lead to – premature death.

If you want to live a long, healthy life, and not live out the last years of your life in agony, discomfort and being a burden on others, being mindful about what you eat is really, really important.

It’s not a hard thing to do, eating well, but has a huge impact on your life.

How the healthiest people indulge

Eating unhealthy is easy to do, tempting even, but it comes at a cost. Often a heavy cost. Indulging in guilty pleasures occasionally is fine, but it does become a problem if you eat unhealthily on a regular basis. That, however, does not mean you can never eat the unhealthy things like junk food, just that you need to do it responsibly. You need to think about your health first. After all, you will not enjoy the pain and suffering unhealthy eating can result in.
That said, there’s no reason why you cannot indulge, and be healthy – a great way to do this is to follow a principle that a lot of the healthiest people in the world do, the practice of cheat day. The idea is to set aside one day in a week when you can indulge all you want. That way you can still eat all the things you want, and really enjoy all the unhealthy food you want to, without them impacting your health in catastrophic ways.
Indulge, absolutely, but do so responsibly.

Closing thoughts

What are your thoughts on today’s article, and the dangers of unhealthy eating? Do you have any tips on healthy eating to share?
Share your tips and thoughts in the comments section below.
Look after your health!


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