3 Simple Anger Management Techniques

Anger management is a big issue for many. Left unchecked, anger can cause a lot of problems, often leading to irreparable damage to careers, relationships, and more.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel – you can learn how to manage our anger. Below, in fact, are three simple anger management techniques that can help you get a handle on your anger.

These should get you well on your way to managing your anger effectively.

Read on to learn more.

Anger can be managed – you just need to know how.

1. Remove yourself from the situation

3 Simple Anger Management Techniques
Going for a walk can help clear your head

Removing yourself from the situation that’s the source of your anger is one of the most effective, and simple, anger management techniques. 

When you really think about it, it becomes quite obvious – when the cause of the anger isn’t there, the anger disappears.  Removing yourself from the situation gives you (and the people involved) breathing room and time to think, which can do wonders to your ability to resolve the situation, and manage your anger. On that note, why not go for a walk the next time you feel yourself getting really angry – can be a great way to clear your head.

A note about conflict: If you think you can’t control your temper, it can help to remove yourself from situations that trigger your anger, eg. situations that escalate into heated arguments. If this involves a person who lashes out on a regular basis on specific situations, then avoiding the situation should work. That said, there are ways to reduce conflict – learning about them will help with this.

2. Start journaling

3 Simple Anger Management Techniques
Writing about your feelings is a great way to deal with them

Writing about your feelings and emotions is a very effective way to rid your mind of unhealthy thinking. The process of writing down about the situation and your feelings can help you identify the cause of your anger. It can also help you examine how you reacted, and what you did.

You can actually go further, by thinking of alternative ways that you could have dealt with the situation. This can help in the future, when/if a similar situation comes up.

Journaling is a great tool for building your self-awareness. It can help you identify your triggers, and find better ways of expressing your frustrations. It can even help you from losing your temper by expressing them in private, rather than having a public meltdown.

Try it – next time you feel yourself getting angry, journal about it. Write down anything and everything about the situation. 

Start keeping a journal. Write about the situations that upset you. This will not only help you vent in a healthy way, but it will also be invaluable for long-term, and effective, anger management.

3. Meditate

3 Simple Anger Management Techniques
Meditation calms your mind

Meditation is one of the most effective ways to calm your mind and deal with your anger.

When you know how to calm your mind and be more mindful, anger management stops being a challenge. The more practice you have with meditation, the better you will get at managing your anger. 

If you don’t meditate already, start – it doesn’t have to be for hours. Even a few minutes a day can help.

Bonus tip

Bonus Anger Management Technique
Alternative therapy can be useful

If anger is a regular problem for you, try acupressure. It is an alternative medicine technique based on the concept of life energy that flows through the “meridians’ in your body.

The application of pressure on specific points can clear up blockages in these meridians. This enables your energy to circulate all throughout your body, which in turn can help you to feel more relaxed, and can even get your anger to disappear.

If acupressure isn’t your cup of tea, however, try getting a massage – that will also help. 

Next steps

There are various methods and techniques that can help with controlling excessive anger. Not everything works for everyone, and that’s ok. But you should be able to find at least one technique from those mentioned above that fits your personality and works for you.

Allowing anger to take over your life causes serious problems – it is important to recognise that. Left unchecked anger can (and does) cause havoc. So put in the effort, and take the time to do something about it.

In the long run, learning how to manage your anger will result in a much happier life for you, and everyone involved.

Hope these simple anger management techniques help you to better deal with your anger. Let us know in the comments below which one resonates with you the most, and if you have any tips of your own to share.

To learn more about anger management, check out our guide: Anger Management 101

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