New Research on Smoking – More nicotine, not less, could be the solution for smoking addiction

According to new research, more nicotine, and not less is effective for dealing with smoking addiction.

The latest research, conducted at Queen Mary University of London, has found that when smokers were allowed to choose the amount of nicotine, it was easier for them to quit smoking. More effective, in fact, than the recommended doses.

The recommended dosage, the study found, was often too low for some smokers and led to relapses.

Sounds counter intuitive right? But it turns out there is solid science behind this finding. Here’s what the study’s author had to say about this:

“Smokers determine their nicotine intake while they smoke, but when they try to quit, their nicotine levels are dictated by the recommended dosing of the treatment. These levels may be far too low for some people, increasing the likelihood that they go back to smoking. Medicinal nicotine products may be under-dosing smokers and could explain why we’ve seen limited success in treatments, such as patches and gum, helping smokers to quit.”

With half a million people expected to quit smoking this year, this is a useful piece of information. Perhaps it’s time for you to have a rethink of your strategy for quitting smoking.

Do you smoke? How effective have nicotine patches been for you? 

Share your thoughts in the comments. 

Source: Queen Mary study

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