New Hope For Cancer Treatment?

There is a very promising new development in the field of cancer treatment research, this time combining two unrelated technologies. 

The new treatment a breakthrough in virotherapy has the potential of dealing with even those forms of cancer which are unresponsive to currently available treatments.

The research – a collaboration between the Department of Engineering Science and the Department of Oncology at Oxford University – has developed a virus with dual powers: 

  • kill cancer cells
  • kill affected cells that were shielded from the body’s immune system

Why is this important?

Because current cancer treatments usually focus on killing cancer cells but are not very effective against dealing with cells that cancer has tricked into protecting against our body’s immune system.

Also, not all cancer types are responsive to the currently available treatments.

So this can be a major breakthrough, with the potential to save millions of lives.

Clinical trials are set to go ahead next year.

We at Life Lab Magazine have our fingers crossed…


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