Misconceptions About Veganism, According To Latest Poll

According to the latest poll, there are lots of misconceptions surrounding veganism.

The poll was conducted by Violife and involved 2000 participants.

Here are a few of misconceptions about veganism that the poll identified:

  1. That vegans are permanently hungry – A big portion of the participants believe that vegans go hungry all the time.
  2. That melting vegan cheese products don’t exist – 24 percent of the respondents did not know melting vegan cheese products exist.
  3. That vegans are always in bad mood – Many of the participants believed that vegans were in a perpetual bad mood. Must be to do with the belief about always being hungry.
  4. That vegan meals are a “nightmare” – A lot of the participants believed that vegan meals are extremely difficult to prepare.
  5. That vegans cannot eat lettuce – A third of the participants believed that vegans cannot eat lettuce.
  6. That vegans can eat honey – 22 percent of the participants were found to believe that vegans can have honey.

Now you know about some of the common misconceptions about veganism. 

What do you believe about veganism?

Did you think of the above misconceptions about veganism was true?

Source: The Independent

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