Mindfulness Kindness Meditation – An Essential Guide (With Video Tutorials)

Want to learn about mindfulness kindness meditation? Then check out today’s guide to learn more about the topic, and watch the video tutorials to get started with mindfulness kindness meditation. There is also a  PDF script for those of you who prefer reading more than watching videos or listening to audios. 

What will you learn in this guide

Here is a snapshot of what you will learn in this guide: 

  • What is mindfulness kindness meditation
  • Benefits
  • Quick Start (10-minute video tutorial)
  • Loving Kindness Meditation – Jon Kabat
  • Loving Kindness Meditation – Sharon Salzberg
  • Buddhist Loving Kindness Meditation 
  • Taking it to the next level
  • Loving Kindness Meditation Script (DIY)
  • Coronavirus lockdown & how this can help
  • Next steps
Mindfulness Kindness Meditation
Continue reading to learn more about mindfulness kindness meditation

What is Mindfulness Kindness Meditation?

Also referred to as the loving-kindness meditation, mindfulness kindness meditation is all about developing some essential human attributes through mindful meditation, the attributes being love, and kindness.

These two attributes are very important to help us grow as human beings (if not absolutely essential), and this type of meditation can be a great way to develop them.

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Holding on to negative feelings from our past, including emotions like grudges, jealousy, and hatred, harms us a lot more than they do the people who wronged us.

But that said, it is not easy to overcome those emotions, or get rid of them, especially when those feelings are a result of many years of hurt. That’s where this type of meditation comes in.

Regularly practicing mindfulness kindness meditation can be a good way to start the process of healing, while also improving our overall state of mind, as well as elevate our state of mental health.

If you want to feel better, get rid of negative emotions, be a happier and more positive person, mindfulness kindness meditation can be a really useful tool to achieve those goals.

Quick start

Check out this video guided meditation to get started with mindfulness kindness meditation in just 10 minutes.

Loving Kindness Meditation – Jon Kabat

To learn and understand the importance of cultivating loving kindness, check out this talk by Jon Kabat-Zinn, one of the foremost experts on mindfulness.

Loving Kindness Meditation – Sharon Salzberg

This talk on loving kindness mediation by Sharon Salzberg expands on the topic as well. If you are a fan of Sharon Salzberg, you will love this talk from her.

Buddhist Loving Kindness Meditation

Interested in the Buddhist approach to loving kindness meditation? Then check out this quick guide from Howcast (less than 5 minutes!).

Taking it to the next level

Once you get the hang of the basic practice, you can take it even further by working on developing altruistic love. Check out this talk (and guided meditation) by Matthieu Ricard, who left his promising career in cellular genetics to study Buddhism in the Himalayas.

Matthieu studied and practiced there for over forty-five years, and his teachings today are a result of his experiences and knowledge from that long-span of time spent studying Buddhism.

Worth checking out.

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Loving Kindness Meditation Script (DIY)

If you want to do this yourself without a guided video or audio, you can use this mindfulness kindness meditation script.

Script (PDF)

It’s in PDF format, so you can easily download it on your laptop, or phone, and follow along.

Coronavirus lockdown & how this can help

Especially at a time like this when most of the world is stuck indoors and isolated, practicing mindfulness kindness meditation can be very useful, as it can remind us about the positives, and help us deal with the negatives.

If the Coronavirus lockdown has been taking its toll on you, if you have been feeling some stress and/or anxiety as a result of the social isolation and lockdown, then practicing mindfulness kindness meditation regularly can really help.

But don’t just take our word for it. Try it out for at least a week, and see how your mental health improves. The more regularly you practice it, the better the outcome will be.

By the way, if you want to learn more about how mindfulness impacts kindness, and the benefits, check out this TED Talk below (click here if the video doesn’t work): 

Next Steps

The next step for you is a simple one – go through the guided meditations listed in this guide. Start with the 10-minute one, and then check out the others. To get the most out of this practice, do it regularly. Practice really does make better.

Even just 10 minutes a day, every day, can make a massive positive difference to your life. And the 10-minute video guide included in this guide makes following through as simple as watching the video and following along!

Simple, but effective only when you actually practice it, so if you don’t practice it, you will miss out on the benefits.

Considering the massive benefits, spending just 10 minutes a day practicing mindfulness kindness meditation is really not asking for much. So it is a great idea to schedule a specific time during the day to do this meditation (you can do the guided ones, or use the script above to do it yourself), and set aside at least 10 minutes every day.

Closing thoughts

Mindfulness and meditation are hugely beneficial for lots of reasons, and this has been proven by science over and over, as a quick search on google will prove. But combine those to a practice that involves love and kindness, and you can increase their beneficial impact on your own mental health, and even heal past hurts and negative feelings.

Practicing this meditation regularly can be a great way to elevate your happiness levels, as well as that of the people around you, as your positive energy can elevate others. So do it, if not for yourself, but for the people you care about.

By the way, check out this guide to learn more about the main 3 types of meditation. That guide can be especially useful in case mindfulness kindness meditation is not the best fit for you – at the end of the day, we want you to find an approach that will work best for you, and this can help.  

What are your thoughts on mindfulness kindness meditation?

Share your thoughts, notes, and suggestions in the comments section below.

Before you go, one tiny request – if you found this guide on mindfulness kindness meditation useful, please share it with others. That is the best way for us to reach others, and help. So, share. Pay it forward!

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