[Latest Research] 24 Hours Is Not Enough For Modern Women

According to a latest research modern women need more than 24 hours to get everything done.

The study of 2000 women found that modern women struggle to get everything done, and on average wished they had an extra 3 hours 36 minutes in the day.

Here are the main findings of the research on modern women and their work-life demands:

  • Six out of ten wish they had extra time in the day.
  • The ideal amount of extra time = 3 hours and 36 minutes. Women wanted this time to maintain their work, social and home lives.
  • Around half the participants choose exercise, work or socialising over sleep.
  • One in four stay up late to work on their career and climb the ladder.
  • Two in three shun the traditional nine to five working hours.
  • One in ten do not leave work till 7 pm, or later.
  • If they had the extra time, the participants said they would spend it learning a new skill, time with friends and partners, mastering new recipes, or going to the gym more.
  • Nearly one in five wake up before 6 am.
  • Over a quarter went to sleep around midnight.
  • Women aged 25-35 are the age group most likely to prioritise other activities over sleep.
  • Nearly a fifth work more than ever before, meaning they have even less time to sleep.
  • More than a third worry about what their coworkers and colleagues think of them, and will rely on makeup and appearance so that they didn’t look tired.

Dr Frauke Neuser for Olay, which carried out the study via OnePoll.com, added: “It’s really empowering to see that so many women want to live life to its fullest but it’s important to be aware of the toll that can take…”.

Modern women have a lot to do, and the demand on their time is ever-increasing. But it is also important to realise the importance of sleep, and balance.

Self care is important.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you struggle to get everything done?

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