How To Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs – A Five Step Process

Limiting beliefs can and often does create roadblocks, and makes it difficult to move forward.

If there are things in your life that you are really struggling to accomplish, then it is very very likely that you have limiting beliefs.

These beliefs are nearly always hidden, lodged in your subconscious, and most people never even know that they are there.

But that does not mean they can’t be dealt with. In fact, here are five steps that will help you to deal with your limiting beliefs and move forward with your life.

Step 1 – Figure out what your limiting beliefs are

The speed at which you accomplish things in your life is often determined by your beliefs and limiting beliefs. This is what stopped people from breaking the four-minute mile record – because everyone believed it wasn’t possible. But then someone did it, and suddenly it was not impossible anymore.

In the very same way, there are things we tell ourselves – things we believe to be impossible – and those can and does impact our progress.

So the first step is to figure out what your limiting beliefs are.

To help you with that, here’s a question you can ask yourself – what do you struggle to accomplish, and what do you believe about it that makes it difficult for you to move forward? The answer(s) will have insights about your limiting beliefs.

What do you believe in that makes it difficult for you to move forward?

Step 2 – Create a plan

To accomplish anything of significance, you need to have a plan. Dealing with your limiting belief is definitely of significance, so you need to have a solid plan of action.

Having a plan for dealing with your limiting beliefs will help you stay focused and on course. It will also help you to note your progress, which in itself can be a great way to keep moving forward, as the positive feedback helps you stay motivated.

So for your second step, come up with a plan for dealing with your limiting belief(s). Your plan doesn’t need to be complicated – can be as simple as using daily affirmations to counter the limiting beliefs.

Having a plan for dealing with your limiting beliefs will help you stay focused and on course

Step 3 – Think of small steps

Often when people want to accomplish something they aim for the end goal right away. This causes problems.

Think about it like this – say you really want to run a 5k marathon, but have never run a marathon in your life. Do you honestly think that you can just get off the couch and run a 5k the next day? No right? It’s because building capacity takes time. So it is great to have the 5k as the end goal, but it is just as important to realise that there will be other goals you need to achieve to get to that end goal. So the 5k will be your end goal, but NOT your only one.

Same applies to something as important as dealing with your limiting beliefs.

You can’t just expect years of programming to disappear overnight – you have to keep working at it.

So set smaller milestones that get you to your destination.

You can’t just expect years of programming to disappear overnight – you have to keep working at it

Step 4 – Follow through

Now that you have identified your limiting belief(s), created a plan for dealing with it, and decided on milestones, you might think you are done.

If that is what you think, you will be wrong, as you are far from done.

If you have gone through the three steps above, then you have a solid plan – but it will not help you at all if you don’t follow through. Achieving anything in life takes consistent work.

Why not create a daily checklist that you can hang on the wall somewhere that you see every day? That way you will get reminded about the thing(s) you need to do or work on to help you overcome your limiting belief(s).

You can also use different apps or calendar reminders – use something that works for you, but just make sure that you do the work every day.

Consistency matters.

Achieving anything in life takes consistent work

Step 5 – Believe in yourself

Limiting beliefs stop us from doing the things we want and being the person we want to be, because of a lack of belief and confidence in ourselves.

So guess what you need to do if you want to overcome and deal with your limiting beliefs once and for all? Yes, you need to believe in yourself.

Point to any successful person, and you will find someone who has faith in themselves and in their abilities. Without that, moving forward is tough, if not impossible.

If you struggle with self-confidence, don’t expect to just figure it out overnight. What you do need to do however is practice faith and belief in yourself consciously.

Practice will make it easier to believe in yourself, and that in turn will help you deal with, and overcome, your limiting beliefs.

You need to believe in yourself

Last Words

Having limiting beliefs don’t make you weak. But not working through them, especially when you know of their existence, does hold you back.

If you have struggled, or are struggling, with moving forward this area of your life definitely needs shedding some light on.

And when you do uncover your limiting beliefs, you need to work on them to clear the mental blocks you have. That will make a massive difference in your ability to move forward, and have the life you want.

Hope you found this useful.

Feel free to share any thoughts and suggestions you may have about overcoming limiting beliefs. I am always keen to hear what you guys think.

All the best!

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