How to Increase Your Self-Empowerment – 10 Tips

You have probably heard of self-empowerment, but do you know what it is or what it stands for, or why it is important? Self-empowerment, to begin with, is about looking at who you are, and becoming more aware of yourself. This leads to having the power to take charge of your own life. Once so empowered, we have the ability to affect and have a great impact on our relationships and social surroundings – which leads to becoming socially empowered.

A socially empowered person achieves greatness with the people that propel them to their progress, and victory. He/she becomes confident in accomplishing their goals and ambitions because they know how to maximize their social potential.
Self-empowerment can help you to turn yourself into a more contented, and more successful, person.
All these, and more, are the benefits of self-empowerment. But how can you increase your self-empowerment? Read on to learn how.

Self-empowerment tips

Here are some tips to help you increase your level of self-empowerment:
1. Be genuine and authentic to yourself, and to other people
Be truthful to yourself. When you lie, even to yourself, you feel guilty. And guild leads to shame. Feelings of unworthiness or worthlessness will inevitably develop as a result of this shame. Don’t treat yourself any differently than you treat others. Be true to yourself, and others. Without authenticity, it’ll be nearly impossible to become self-empowered.
2. Be a good listener
Active listening is not just a useful skill, it’s actually an essential one, as listening well enables you to learn more, about the world, about others, and about yourself (mainly as a result of the insights you gain because of the active listening). So, when you are with someone, actively listen to every word the other person says.
Here’s a tip to help you become a better listener – make eye contact when a person talks to you. That will help you listen better.
3. Don’t take yourself too seriously
Have a sense of humour. Don’t take yourself, and life, too seriously. Having a sense of humour helps you deal with life and its challenges better, which is essential for self-empowerment. It also helps attract people to you and, success.
4. Value yourself
Value and love yourself first before anyone else. Recognize your value and deem yourself worthy of love. If you don’t value yourself, self-empowerment would be nearly impossible.
5. Spread kindness
Do random acts of kindness. It can be as simple as helping an elderly cross the street or opening a door for someone. It’s the small acts of kindness that matter the most in life. And they also help you become a better person, which feeds into your self-empowerment.
Doing good is good for you.
6. Connect with friends
Reach out and reconnect with your old friends. Find the time to meet or talk, ask them how they are, and find ways to include them in your life. Being in their lives and you in theirs will make you feel good. It’ll also help you feel connected, and strong. All of those contribute to your self-empowerment.
7. Develop your personality
Enhance your good traits, and get rid of the not-so-good ones. Sometimes, the negative character traits and habits get in the way of your growth, so getting rid of them can do wonders for your growth, development, and self-empowerment.
8. Be confident
Be confident and self-assured. You can’t be self-empowered without being confident.
9. Practice control
Never, ever, throw a tantrum. Losing control over your emotions is the worst thing you can do for your personal growth and self-empowerment.
It is always better to reflect on and process your feelings (and emotions) before expressing them. It is important to stay unruffled and calm when interacting with others. This is a huge (and necessary) step towards achieving true self-empowerment.
10. Nurture and maintain relationships
Go out and have fun with people that matter to you. Do things together and bond over shared experiences.

Bonding with others creates happiness, and that helps you with your self-empowerment.

Closing thoughts
Self-empowerment is not a static thing that you only do once in your life and then forget about it – it is part of your ongoing personal development. In the end, self-empowerment means becoming a better person. You have to keep working at it.
Which one of these self-empowerment tips did you resonate with the most? Do you have any tips of your own to share?
Share your thoughts and suggestions about self-empowerment in the comments section below.
Here’s to a more self-empowered you!

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