How to Easily Practice Mindfulness in Just 2 Minutes a Day

In today’s guide, you will learn how to easily practice mindfulness in just 2 minutes a day. Audio version available here.

Mindfulness is good for you, but it can be hard to adopt as a habit. But what if I told you that you can use something you do every day to help you become more mindful?

Sounds useful, right?

Want to learn more? Then stay tuned, because that is what today’s guide is all about.

The struggle of mindfulness

Here is a sad fact – despite knowing about the many benefits of mindfulness, a lot of people (too many, in fact) do not practice mindfulness. Even those that do, do not practice it regularly. This means that they miss out on the many benefits of mindfulness, like a stronger and calmer mind, more happiness and joy in their lives, and so on. At the end of the day, how can you benefit from mindfulness if you do not even practice it? You actually have to put something in practice, and do so consistently, before you can benefit from it, makes sense doesn’t it?

This is not a judgement on anyone by the way – I understand why many people do not practice mindfulness or practice it regularly (or why so many struggles with it).

It nearly always comes down to adopting the practise and creating a habit of it.

Let’s face it, adopting something new can be challenging. Creating a new habit is not always easy.

To help with that, I am going to make it easy for you to adopt mindfulness and make it a part of your daily life so that you can practice it easily and pretty much effortlessly over time. Over time, using the method you will learn about today, my goal is to help you make mindfulness a daily habit so that it becomes an effortless daily practice for you.

Does that sound like something that can be useful for you?

Well then, great, let’s get started.

How to Easily Practice Mindfulness
How This Daily Thing You Do Can Help You Become More Mindful

Mindfulness made easy

Here’s an easy way, an easy method if you will, for you to start practising mindfulness on a daily basis:

Do it while you are brushing your teeth.

Sounds strange?

Well, don’t let that get in the way because this method can make it easy for you to not just practice mindfulness, but even make it a daily habit.

Here’s how it would work:

  • When you are brushing your teeth, focus on just that. Feel how the bristles glide and move over and under your teeth.
  • Feel how they are scrubbing your teeth. Feel that for each and every tooth. Every ridge, bump, the gum line, the gums… all the details, really feel it, all of it.
  • Feel the pressure, and how they vary from tooth to tooth.
  • Feel what the toothpaste feels and tastes like.
  • Completely focus on brushing your teeth, and how the toothbrush and the toothpaste feels.

Do that, and you will be well on your way to brushing your teeth mindfully.

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This practice will help you to become mindful of your toothbrushing and in turn, help you practice mindfulness. As an added bonus, practising this (mindful toothbrushing) will also help you get a thorough toothbrushing, which is great for your dental hygiene, and overall health.

So, win win win! Your teeth get a thorough clean, and you practice a new skill which in turn will be good for you in many ways. Mindfulness is good for you for many different reasons after all.

You brush your teeth every day, so combining mindfulness with your toothbrushing is an easy way for you to adopt this new habit or practice.

Your two-minute toothbrushing habit, this way, will become more effective as you will be more thorough, and at the same time you will be trying out a new habit, the mindfulness habit.

This is a small action that can give you big positive results. I am a big fan of that sort of return on investment, where you invest a little for big returns. Who doesn’t, right.


Combining mindfulness

Being mindful while brushing your teeth is just an example, of course, of how you can practice mindfulness easily, on a daily basis.

You can practice being mindful while doing other things too, especially things that you do daily without a miss. For example, if you workout daily without a miss then you can combine mindfulness with that.

Do you go for a walk every day? That will be a great one to practice mindfulness with.

Do you cook or garden every day? Try practising mindfulness while cooking, or gardening.

You can also combine mindfulness with other things like your daily commute (if you are commuting right now that is, or when you do in the future), or even your daily meals like breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

There’s really no limit on what you can combine mindfulness with to make it a daily practice – you can combine mindfulness with whatever you want. Whatever works for you. 

The point is, you can be mindful for everything, no matter what you do. You can be mindful during doing anything, really.

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Daily practice

Using mindfulness while brushing your teeth is a good one to try (and a good one to combine mindfulness with) because it is a really easy habit to add mindfulness to. It is something everyone does, every day, without fail. And it is a small thing that you do for a small amount of time, which makes the whole thing fairly effortless.

I know practising mindfulness for long periods of time, in the beginning, can be quite challenging, but a two-minute practice is very doable won’t you say?

The short duration and automatic habit make toothbrushing an easy activity, an easy habit to combine your new practice, your new mindfulness practise, with. This will, with daily practice, make mindfulness a habit for you, which is ultimately what you want, as that is the best way to benefit from mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a state of mind, one that you will get better at adopting and using the more you practice it.
Think of it like any other new skill – the more you do it, the better you will get at it, and the easier it will get. So combine it with something, anything, no matter how big or small the activity. It does not have to be toothbrushing, you can go with whatever works for you.

The key is to choose something that you do without fail on a daily basis, and ideally something you do without much thinking on your part.

The activity or existing habit you combine mindfulness with is not as important as actually practising it, and doing it regularly.


Why it needs to be easy

Here is something that I want you to remember, something that will help you with not just mindfulness, but any and every habit you want to adopt in – when creating a new habit, it’s always a good idea to make the adoption of the new habit as seamless and effortless as possible. That way you stand the best chance of adopting it, and regularly practising it, rather than forgetting about it or giving up on it after some time.

Adopting something new and doing it regularly, at least initially, can be challenging. As such, combining the new habit with an existing habit will make the new habit a lot easier to adopt and practice regularly. So in the case of mindful toothbrushing, for instance, you will be attaching mindfulness with something you already do every day, effortlessly – toothbrushing. That makes the new habit adoption pretty seamless and makes it easy for you to stick with it.

This, of course, is why practising mindfulness while you brush your teeth (or some other daily habit or activity for that matter) can be a great way to create your new mindfulness habit, and adopt it easily so that it becomes a part of your daily life.

Attaching this new practice of mindfulness to an existing habit will make it infinitely easier for you to create this new habit for yourself. If you really want to know how to easily practice mindfulness, this would be a great method to try.

How to Easily Practice Mindfulness in Just 2 Minutes a Day

Work smart, not hard

Stop worrying so much and trying so hard to adopt mindfulness as a habit. It does not need to be hard.

And it most definitely does not need to be complicated.

You can make mindfulness a daily habit and a regular part of your life, and do so easily.

Now you too can create a daily habit of mindfulness, so give it a go. The next time you’re brushing your teeth, practice being mindful.

Keep doing it, and before long it will become a habit, ending up with you having your regular practice of mindfulness. All without actually working hard at it.

Mindful toothbrushing is simple, easy, and good for you. So give it a go.

Closing thoughts

If you want to learn more about personal growth, self-improvement, and mindset, check out the Growth Philosophy podcast, a bite-sized weekly podcast focused on empowering you to think better and upgrade your life. This 7-day guide on how to think better can also help. 

I hope you found today’s guide on how to easily practice mindfulness useful. Let me know how it goes with your mindful toothbrushing habit. Also, if you have any questions about what you learned today, post them below, or reach out to me on twitter.

Here’s to your new mindfulness habit. All the best!

One tiny request 

Before you go, a tiny request – if you found this guide useful &/or enjoyable, please share it with others. That is the best way for us to reach others and make a positive impact. 

So, share. Pay it forward!

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