How To Deal With Limiting Beliefs – 5 Videos To Watch To Help Deal With Your Limiting Beliefs

With the advent of the new year, there is a lot of talk about how it is time to make changes, to start your life, to get rid of old habits and create new, better ones.

Most people struggle with these. This is the reason why most New Year’s resolutions are left unmet, unfulfilled. It’s a vicious cycle because not meeting the goals causes negative feedback, which then makes it even harder to make the necessary changes, and so on and so forth.

Here is the thing to note – more often than not, people don’t reach their goals not because they don’t want to or can’t, but because of limiting beliefs.

So here are five videos (organised by duration) to help you deal with your limiting beliefs.

Once you have dealt with your limiting beliefs, it will become a lot easier to get on all the things you want to, and need to, do.

Ok, let’s begin.

1. How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Duration: Around 6 minutes

Notes: If you have any interest in personal development, you will have heard of Brian Tracy.

In this short video, he gives a decent primer on what it takes to overcome your limiting beliefs. 

2. How to change your limiting beliefs for more success 

Duration: 12 mins 26 seconds

Notes: In this TEDTalk Dr. Irum Tahir shares some useful insights on limiting beliefs, especially what they are, how they impact our lives, and how to change them. 

3. How to Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs

Duration: Just over 13 minutes

Notes: Grant Cardon’e no BS style gets straight to the point – his talk will resonate with anyone who likes no-fluff type talks.

It’s short and sweet (or harsh, depending on your temperament!).

4. Motivation – Myth of Limiting Beliefs

Duration: Around 20 minutes

Notes: Brendon Burchard makes a really good point about limiting beliefs and negative thoughts in this video, and shares some very interesting ideas on how to deal with them.

It’s good to have a well-rounded understanding of anything you are trying to deal with, so this is a useful video to check out.

5. What to Do to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Duration: Approximately 2.5 hours

Notes: Tony Robbins is world famous for the high impact advice he gives, so if you are struggling, this is definitely worth checking out.

This is actually more an audio book/lecture, and less a video. It’s a bit on the longer side, but still highly recommended.

A good one to listen to when you have a bit of time, perhaps when you are driving somewhere…

How to make the most of these videos to help deal with your limiting beliefs

Making changes does not come easy, and limiting beliefs are nearly always a product of years and years of programming. So don’t expect things to change overnight.

These videos will help you give the insights and the tools to find and deal with your limiting beliefs, but they won’t change anything unless you actually put the information into practice.

The only way to change your limiting beliefs, and your life, is to actually do something about it.

So use the information and insights you learn from the videos, and create a daily plan for yourself.

Last words

Here is the most important thing to remember – you need to keep at it because that really is the only way you are ever going to change your limiting beliefs.

Be patient – your limiting beliefs will not disappear overnight. It takes consistent and continuous work.

Watch the videos, create a plan for yourself, and follow through daily.

Let’s make 2019 the best year ever.

All the best!

What did you think of these five videos on limiting beliefs? Which of them did you find most useful?

Do you have any tips and/or advice about dealing with limiting beliefs?

Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.

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