How to Create a Life Map for Your Life

An area of land or sea is not the only thing you can map. You can also map your life. A life map can be helpful in determining what you want for yourself and your life.

Discovering your long-term goals can improve your well-being. When you plan for the bigger picture, you tend to worry less, and in turn, this allows you to look forward with optimism. You become more mindful of your present moment, experiencing to the fullest, those precious moments that make life worth living.

Life is a journey: you must define the origin, destination, vehicle, backpack, landmarks, and routes. That’s where a life map comes in.

Creating your life map

Here are the things you need (to get clarity on) to create your very own life map:

1. Origin: Who are you right now? List down your economic, professional, cultural and civil status. Look closely at your belief systems, values and ethics. Take a look at your skills, knowledge, strengths and weaknesses.

2. Destination: Who do you want to be? What kind of person do you want to be physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually?

3. Vehicle: How are you going to be this person? Make a list of the methods that need to be accessible to help you reach your destination. Things like education, money and time are important factors to consider.

4. Travel bag: What particular knowledge, skills and attitudes do you bring with you that will help you attain your vision and goal? What do you have at present, and what do you need to get along the way?

5. Landmark and route: Landmarks help in confirming if you are on the right track. The route determines the travel time. In your life, landmarks are measures of success. These measures must have these characteristics: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound.

Once you have these vital pieces of information, you can decide on your life’s goal (at least for the near future), as well as how you will reach that goal.

Write the information down (or better, draw it out like a map) Physically creating it will make your life map more tangible to your mind, and it will also be a great reference point for you.

Last words

Your life map can be a great resource – it enables you to understand yourself more. This may serve as a very important piece of self-reflection and self-evaluation, in realizing your true potential.

Try it out.

All the best!

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