How to Cook the Perfect Pasta (Video Tutorial Included)

Learn how to cook the perfect pasta in today’s guide

Who doesn’t love pasta, right? It’s filling and versatile and one of the best comfort foods you can have. But cooking pasta can be a bit of a challenge – sometimes it gets overcooked, whereas at other times it remains undercooked. Getting it just right can be a challenge, and is a common struggle most people face. 

But there is a way to cook your pasta perfectly, every time. A method that can help you get your pasta done just right every time you cook it. 

Want to learn how? 

Then check out this video guide where you can learn, from the famous celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey, just how to cook the perfect pasta. 

Video tutorial on how to cook the perfect pasta

If the video doesn’t load for some reason, click this link.

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Great meal

Combine your perfect pasta with one or more of these 25 fast and easy pasta sauce recipes, and you are all set for a great meal!

You can make the meal even more special by ending the meal with a nice dessert.

For easy dessert ideas, check out these easy no-bake dessert recipes

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