How to be More Creative – 5 Ways to Unleash Your Creativity

Creativity is not a talent some people are born with while others can never have. It is not an elusive, unattainable skill, even though that still is a common perception about creativity. So what does it actually mean to be creative? Here’s what it actually means: creativity is about problem-solving, first and foremost. It’s about changing your perspective to solve a problem in a new way. This also means searching for inspiration even in the most mundane of places.

How to cultivate your creativity

So now that you understand what creativity is and is not, let’s look at some ways you can develop this skill, and unleash your creativity.

1. Read, more: Reading opens your mind open up to the never-ending potential of the universe. It exposes you to different ideas and perspectives and information. There’s magic in being around books. So read as much as you can. Cultivate a reading habit if you want to be more creative.

2. Do something creative daily: Engage in a creative activity every day. Flex your creativity muscle regularly. It can be a simple as doodling or practicing photo photography or singing for yourself.

3. Think inside the box: Think outside the box – or don’t. Sometimes, constraints or limits can be a good thing. This forces you to work within your means.

4. Do something new: Challenge yourself and do something new regularly, ideally every day. Widen your point of view by these experiences. Go beyond your comfort zone and open up to people around you. Your sense of adventure will grow further, making you more passionate for life, and not to mention more creative.

5. Go completely outside the box: Embrace thinking completely outside the box, go a bit nuts even! Sanity can limit your thinking. Sometimes, in order to break through barriers, embracing insanity can be helpful. But keep in mind, do not detach from the real world completely.

Last words

Creativity is like a muscle, you need to use it so it doesn’t waste away and disappear. What it is definitely NOT is a talent that’s saved for a select few. In fact, anyone can be creative, you just have to be willing to learn, and the desire to start. The tips above will help. So if you’d like to become more creative, start putting them into practice.

What are your thoughts on being more creative? Have you already tried any of the tips mentioned here? Got any creativity tips of your own to share?

Share your thoughts, and tips, about Dec developing creativity in the comments section below.

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