How Old is Your Cat or Dog, Really?

Is one human year really equivalent to seven dog years? Is the conventional way of calculating your dog’s age accurate?

How about cat years? Is there a way to know how old your pet is in cat years?

Wrong rule of thumb?

It turns out that the conventional rule of thumb about one human year = seven dog years is not accurate. Cats and dogs don’t age in the same way, even those of the same breed. How a cat or dog ages is largely based on its breed and size.

The bigger the animal is, the shorter the life span is.

Dog sizes vary greatly, and so does their life expectancy. Cats’ sizes, however, don’t vary that much.

One human year ≠ Seven dog years

How old is your dog?

How old is your Dog?
Your dog is not as old as you might think

Nowadays, veterinarians need to determine the life stage of a dog based on Canine Life Stages Guidelines.

The guideline outlines 6 life stages that are based on the dog’s developmental milestones.

The stages are as follows:

  1. Puppy,
  2. Junior,
  3. Adult,
  4. Mature,
  5. Senior,
  6. Geriatric.

Breed and size are the most important factors that affect the life expectancy of dogs, followed by nutrition and weight.

How old is your cat?

How Old is Your Cat?
Your cat isn’t as old as you might think

As it is for dogs, the Feline Life Stage Guidelines set the standards for determining cats life stages.

The guidelines divide a cat’s life stage into six:

  1. Kitten,
  2. Junior,
  3. Prime,
  4. Mature,
  5. Senior,
  6. Geriatric.

Accuracy is important

How Old is Your Pet?
It is important to be accurate about your pet’s age

Is an accurate assessment of your dog or cat’s age important?

It is. Quite a bit, in fact.

By accurately assessing a pet’s life stage, a vet can recommend what health care the dog or cat might actually need. This can help to improve the pet’s quality of life and help it live longer.

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Last words

The way to really know how old your pet is isn’t the age-old 7:1 rule after all, as it turns out. 

So what is the best way to know how old your pet is?

Ask your vet!

Do you know how old your cat or dog really is?

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  1. Always thought dog year was 7 years to our one year. You learn something new every day.
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