How Long Do Brits Stick To Their Hobbies? Find Out What Latest Polls Reveal

January is always a popular time for people to take up new hobbies. Maybe it is learning a new language, or playing an instrument, or a skill-based hobby like cooking or gardening.

Whatever it is, hobbies are good. They help us push our comfort zones, and can also have health benefits.

But ever wondered how long does an average Brit actually stick to their new hobby?

Well, according to the latest poll run by the British Heart Foundation, the answer is 16 months.

So that’s a year and four months on average before most Brits stop pursuing their hobbies.

I mean we get it – life gets in the way, pressures mount up, there are other priorities – so it happens. But the worrying thing is the amount of spending – according to the poll a quarter of adults spend hundreds of pounds on their hobbies, but more often than not they will give up before actually making use of whatever they buy. So it is a total waste of money. 

This is a worrying trend, especially at a time when the economic situation isn’t exactly reliable (Brexit anyone?).

The average Brit sticks to their hobbies for 16 months

Here are a few of the other findings from the poll:

  • 25 percent of people never make use of the things they buy for their new hobbies
  • The average Brit has, at any one time, three hobbies
  • The average time spent on hobbies is about 245 hours in a year (i.e. just over 10 days in a whole year)

In any case, it is important to be responsible when it comes to your spending. Hobbies are definitely good but don’t commit to spending large sums of money on things you are never going to use.

We at Life Lab Magazine are big proponents of being fiscally responsible. After all, if you don’t look after your finances, who will.

How about you – have you picked up any new hobbies this year?

Can you relate to the findings of this poll?

Share your thoughts in the comments. 

Source: BHF 

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