How Do You Meditate Daily – A Beginner’s Guide

In today’s guide we are going to cover a common question about meditation – how do you meditate daily.

If you’re here then you have at least heard a bit about the benefits of meditation (yes, meditation really is good for you), and want to know how you can meditate. Or maybe you tried meditation in the past but struggled to make it into a daily habit, and want to figure out how you can make it into a regular habit. It can be a struggle to do, especially when you are just getting started. So how do you meditate daily, and in a way that is not too challenging or too much of a hassle?

That is that today’s guide on meditation is all about.

Keep reading to learn more about how to meditate daily. 

What meditation is, and is not

Before you start your meditation practice, it is important to get some clarity on what it is, and is not. We wrote a comprehensive guide on the topic, which you can read here – What is Meditation (and is Not) – 5 Major Meditation Myths Debunked

But to summarise – here are the five major meditation myths, debunked: 

  1. Meditation is NOT about emptying your mind. No, it’s more about just letting your mind be, which in time will help it come to a restful state. 
  2. You DO NOT need to spend an hour a day meditating to benefit from it. Even though meditating for long durations can help, it can be a big challenge especially during the early days. So when you are starting off, what is more important is to create a consistent regular practice, and that means do it for whatever length of time is effortless for you. 
  3. You DO NOT need to sit in a specific position to meditate effectively. The position you meditate in, again, is not as important as actually meditating regularly. There is no rule and absolutely nothing set in stone about how you should or need to meditate. You can meditate standing up or even lying down if that works for you. 
  4. You DO NOT need to chant Om or something similar to meditate. Chanting a mantra can be useful, but is it essential? Absolutely not. 
  5. Meditation is NOT part of a religion. So if this is something that bothered or confused you, rest assured, practicing meditation does not mean you have to practice any sort of religion. 

Now that you have more clarity on what meditation is and is not, let’s continue with the next part, which will give you even more clarification about meditation. 

Types of meditation

Meditation comes in many flavours – there is not one standard form of meditation. But broadly speaking, there are mainly three types of meditation. They are:

  1. Visualisation meditation
  2. Mantra meditation
  3. Mindfulness meditation

Want more details on the different types? Then check out the full guide on the types of meditation here.

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The 2 main obstacles to meditating daily

So most people know (or at least have a general idea) that meditation is good for them, but still many (if not most) people struggle to meditate.

Why is that?

Why do people struggle to meditate daily?

The main problem with daily meditation, nearly always, comes down to two things:

  • The first one is down to how challenging it is to adopt as a practice, and
  • The second is about continuing to do it regularly. 

The first issue is usually caused by the myths surrounding meditation. Now that you have clarity on those and those myths have been debunked, you are in a better position. One of the big obstacles to practicing meditation has been removed. 

Now let’s get down to the second major obstacle – keeping up the practice. 

Do you know why most people give up on a new habit? Because it becomes too much of a hassle to keep doing it. And that nearly always boils down to how complicated the habit is to practice. So, if the process is easy to do, then it is easy to keep doing it. But if it is complicated, then it becomes hard to keep doing it each and every day. This is of course why most diets don’t work, because of how tedious and complicated they are to continue doing. 

Our willpower has a limit. Rather than testing its limits every day, a much better option is to make the habit easy and simple so that it is not too much work to do it. 

Make the practice effortless, and you will nearly guarantee that it will become a habit. 

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How to meditate daily, effortlessly?

So how do you meditate daily, and do it effortlessly?

The key, as mentioned earlier, is to make the process as simple and easy as possible. And the best way to do that is to go with a follow along method.

A guided meditation practice works great for that.

Here is how it works…

Step by step daily meditation (effortless follow-along process)

To make the whole process really easy and simple for you, there are just two steps for you to follow:

  • Decide on a time, & then make a commitment to yourself to sit down for at least 5 minutes every day at that time.
  • Play the guided meditation and just follow along.

There are tons of free guided meditations out there. But to help you get going right away, here is one you can try, a 5-minute mindfulness guided meditation: 

How to stick to your new daily meditation habit

Starting this new daily meditation habit is all well and good, but you will be back to square one if you don’t stick to it. And you know that. Chances are, you have already experienced that with other things, or maybe even with meditation. It’s not easy, sticking to a new habit. Things happen, life gets in the way, and before you know it your new habit gets skipped day after day until it stops being a thing you do.

We have all been there.

Making the whole practice simple will definitely cut down on that, as chances are high that you will stick with meditation if it is easy. That is the whole reason why we came up with this two-step daily meditation guide for you.

But how can you make it even more foolproof, how can you increase the rate of success of you sticking to this practise and actually making it a daily habit?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Use a habit tracker – There are tons of apps out there that can help you to keep track of your new habit. So you can get an app on your phone and keep track of your meditation habit that way. Or, you can go the physical route and just create a paper version where you just tick off days when you meditate. 
  • Make a public pledge – Here’s something for you to try to help you stick to your daily meditation practice, put out an update on your Facebook letting your friends know that you are looking forward to sticking to your new meditation practice for at least a month. This sort of public pledge can help you stick to the practice, as you would not want to deal with telling people that you did not keep to your word!
  • Join a group – And when we say group, we do not just mean groups where you meet. Especially during this time of social distancing socialising like normal is a challenge (it’s not very smart either, you do need to look after yourself). So what can you do? In comes online groups. If you are on Facebook you already have come across groups there. Why not find a meditation group? Connecting with like-minded people can help you keep your motivation levels up. Also, you can post daily to let others know that you have done your meditation for the day.
  • Create a daily reminder – Do you use Google Calendar to schedule your work stuff? Then you already have access to a great tool to help you keep reminding you about your daily meditation practice. Just set up a recurring reminder to get prompted every day. You can use other similar tools – every smartphone these days comes with some form of reminder function, so use whatever tool works for you. If you’re more old school, you can set up an actual alarm using an alarm clock. 
  • Get an accountability partner – Having an accountability partner can be a great way to keep yourself on track. 

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How Do You Meditate Daily - A Beginner's Guide
How Do You Meditate Daily? Learn in this guide

Next steps

If you have been wondering how do you meditate daily, now you know. You now have a step by step process that you can easily follow every day, as well as tips and ideas for how to stick with it long enough to make it into a habit.

Follow these steps and tips, and before long you will be up and running with your very own daily meditation practice.

So, how do you meditate daily? Now you know.

One more (important) thing, something to keep in mind – putting into practice what you learned here is crucial. Just reading this guide won’t help you create your daily meditation practice unless you actually practice. 

That said, it is easy to create this practice because all you need is to follow 2 simple steps and spend just 5 minutes a day or less. If you just follow along with the 2-step process we laid out earlier, you will be up and running with your own daily meditation practice in just a few minutes! 

Give this a go. Keep up with it and keep doing it long enough and you will soon start to notice the benefits of meditation (which there are many!).

Meditation is one of the best forms of self-care. Take care of yourself.

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Closing thoughts

What are your thoughts on this guide about how do you meditate daily? Was the question answered, do you now have enough information and tips to get you going?

What are your thoughts on this meditation guide – did your question (how do you meditate daily) get answered? Do you have any further questions about meditation?

If you need more information about meditation, let us know. We are always happy to help.

Post your questions, as well as any other thoughts or tips you might have about meditation in the comments section below.

Here is to your new daily meditation practice!

One tiny request 

Before you go, a tiny request – if you found this guide useful &/or enjoyable, please share it with others. That is the best way for us to reach others and make a positive impact. 

So, share. Pay it forward!

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