Here’s Why You Need to Practice the 3 C’s for Good Health

Learn about the 3 C’s of good health, and the importance of conscious effort for your health in this guide. An audio version is available here: The 3 C’s of Good Health.

Read on to learn more.

Learn more about the 3 C's of good health
Good health needs to be a conscious choice

Why being healthy is important

Being healthy is an important part of life, because the quality of your health impacts each and every part of your life, both big and small. Being healthy fills you with energy and vitality and makes it easy for you to be happy.

In contrast, being unhealthy causes pain and stress and struggles and can even make your life a living hell.

Being in bad health doesn’t just affect you physically, but mentally too. You know how this works by the way: just think back to the last time you were in physical pain, how did it affect your happiness level, negatively right? That’s the normal effect of physical pain and is why bad health is one of the biggest causes of mental health issues like depression. 

The problem is, despite the importance of maintaining good heath, far too often it is ignored, and that comes at a cost, especially in the long term. When you’re young you might not see much of the negative impact of practicing unhealthy habits and not practicing healthy habits, but they do add up and have an increasingly negative impact the older you grow.

The point is, you owe it to yourself, both your present self and your future self, to look after your health.

The quality of your health, after all, impacts everything in your life. 

How your body is like a car

Goes without saying, looking after your health is important, and working out is a key part of that. Physical activity is essential to keep yourself in good shape and to keep the incredible machine that is your body in good working order.

Think of your body like a car: you need to regularly run it and maintain it to keep it in good working order, whereas if you just leave the car in a shed for years, it’ll become rusty and clogged and its ability to run well will really suffer.

Good health is not complicated
Good health is simple

The 3 C’s of good health

Far too often, people don’t workout or look after themselves properly because they get confused and overwhelmed. There’s a ton of information out there on health after all, so if that happens to you it is perfectly understandable. That’s why, rather than throw a bunch of concepts and strategies at you, I just want you to keep three things in mind in order to look after your health and improve it.

Here are the three concepts that I want you to keep in mind, I call them the 3 C’s:

  1. Conscious
  2. Concerted
  3. Consistent

They are all about the effort you put in, which is the key factor for improving your health. I want you to keep things simple and just understand and remember these 3 C’s. 

All 3 of these C’s are essential to keep in mind for good health.


Your efforts need to be Conscious. The benefits of mindfulness is well-known at this point. Being mindful isn’t just good for your mental health and wellbeing, it also is a great way to improve your health. Here’s how: when you workout without being mindful, that can often lead to problems like bad posture, ineffective practice and even extra stress and strain during the exercises which can then lead to stains, sprains and even injuries.

On the other hand, when you are mindful during your workouts your movements will be more effective, your posture will be better, you will significantly cut down on workout related injuries and overall get more out of your physical activity.

People often try to hurry through their exercise which actually decreases the beneficial impact, so even if it seems counterproductive and a bit time consuming, being conscious and mindful of your workouts will actually improve the quality and impact of your effort.

Here’s the most important point: if you’re going to put in effort anyway, doesn’t it make sense to get the most out of it? And that just won’t happen if you are mindlessly going through the motions, or worse, trying to hurry through the workout in order to just get it over with. 


Do you know what nearly every athlete, Olympian, champion cyclist, swimmer, boxer and runner has in common?

They all have a workout plan.

There’s a good reason for that: when you have a workout plan, you know what exercises you are doing in advance, and in what sequence as well as how much.

Having a workout plan is essential for making the most of your time and effort. But it doesn’t need to be complicated or rigid, even a simple plan will do. You can even use templates to make it even easier: you can find lots of workout plans for free online to use, which can be very handy if you don’t want to worry about creating your own workout plan from scratch. There are also lots of apps that can help.

Rather than just winging it, you will get more benefits from your workouts when you have a plan, and put in a concerted effort. You will get the most out of your exercise by planning it in advance and then sticking to that plan, as opposed to just doing whatever comes to mind. 


The third C to keep in mind in order to improve your health is consistency. Committed consistent effort is absolutely essential for good health. You can’t just workout once in a blue moon and expect to magically be in peak physical form.

Good health and fitness doesn’t just happen, it takes consistent committed effort. You can’t be healthy if you are not consistently putting in the effort to be healthy, it really is as simple as that.

Those who put in consistent effort into improving their health have much better health than those who put little to no effort into improving their health.


Next steps

Putting in the effort you need to improve your health doesn’t need to be complicated, or hard. There’s in fact a great way to get started easily. If you’re struggling to find time, or just not a fan of working out, you can do a 3-5 minute HIIT workout every day. HIIT stands for High intensity interval training, and is a very effective and even easy way to workout thanks to the short bursts of intense activity that it utilises.

HIIT involves a very small amount of time, so no matter how busy you are you can find 3-5 minutes in a day to workout. Also, because of the small time requirement even if you are not a big fan of working out you can do this.

That said, if you’re just getting started and committing to a daily workout routine seems a bit daunting, even working out every other day can be great for your health. 

Here’s a 5 minute HIIT workout to get you started: workout tutorial.

the 3 C's of good health is important to remember
Remember the 3 C’s of good health, and get started

Closing thoughts

Improving your health isn’t hard. If in doubt, just remember the 3 C’s:

You need to be conscious, concerted and consistent with your physical activity if you really want to get the most out of it.

But above all, you have to commit to it.

You have to be strong, determined and disciplined, because it’s easy to get tempted and give in. 

There is something to note about physical health and it’s impact on illness, a reality check if you will: good health is not a magical pill that will improve all the issues in your life and make it impossible for you to get sick. Even the healthiest and most robust people can get sick. But what being in good health does do is make it far less likely for you to get sick, and also makes it easier for you to recover if you do get sick.

People who are in good physical health and regularly physically active nearly always recover from injuries and illnesses faster than those who are in bad physical health.

Good health is absolutely essential for every part of your life, be it professional or personal. When you are in bad shape, even the most fun things can become a struggle to do, whereas when you are in good health you can do incredible things!

The good news is, improving your health isn’t hard but it does take a bit of work.

The effort though is really worth it as the better your health is, the better you will feel and the more you can do with your life

If making the most of your life is something you want to do, or even if your goal is to help others, you need to look after your health.

Because health really is wealth. 

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