5 Easy & Effective Handwashing Tips [Infographic included]

Who does not know about the importance of handwashing these days? In 2020, one of the main health messages promoted for public health is vigilance around handwashing. The Global Handwashing Partnership emphasizes that “Handwashing with soap is an easy, effective, and affordable do-it-yourself protection that prevents infections and saves lives,” and the World Health Organisation’s guide says that hand hygiene is the most important measure we can follow for disease prevention (the handwashing tips below will help you with that).

At present, UNICEF data reports that handwashing with soap can reduce death rates from global diseases by up to 65%. In the case of Covid-19, they go even further and say that it’s critical in the fight against the virus.

Suffice to say, handwashing is important. And that’s why today we bring you five handwashing tips to help you make the process easy, and effective. 

Read on to learn more about these handwashing tips.

Making Handwashing Easy & Effective

Here are some simple steps to help you make it manageable to wash your hands both at home and on the go:

1. Pump soap

Use wherever you have a sink in your home or work.

If you find bar soaps slippery or think it’s unhygienic (especially at pubic washrooms used by many others, like washrooms at work), using a pump soap can be a great alternative (not to mention safe).

If you’re concerned about waste, you can buy the liquid soap in bulk and pick up dispensers from homeware stores. You can even wash and reuse empty pump bottles.

2. Lever tap

Another challenging part of washing your hands (something that puts some people from washing their hands regularly) is the ease of washing their hands. If that is you, think about installing lever taps for your hand and kitchen sinks. That will make it easier to use and wash your hands, and will also help you control the temperature.

3. Paper towels for work, and hand towels for home

Hygienically drying your hands is another essential step in proper handwashing. Check and make sure that your workplace has paper towels, and/or a hand dryer. As for your home, invest in extra hand towels so that you can regularly throw the dirty towels in the laundry and disinfect them.

4. Hand sanitizer 

Using a hand sanitizer is a safe (not to mention convenient) alternative if you’re not sure that you will have access to a tap, or soap. This is one of the reasons why you’ll see hand sanitizer stations in many public facilities, including shopping malls, hospitals and clinics.

Hand sanitizer is of extra benefit when you’re on the go and visiting common public areas like supermarkets.

Continue reading to learn about the fifth (bonus) tip.

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How long should you wash your hand?

[Bonus tip] An easy way to remember how long to wash your hands for a proper clean is to sing Happy Birthday twice as you soap and wash. The time it takes you to sing that twice is a good amount of time to disinfect and clean your hands. 

So the next time you are wondering how long to wash your hands for, just sing that in your head, twice (which takes about 20 seconds, in case you were wondering).

If you remember none of the other handwashing tips, at least remember this one!

Infographic on Handwashing

Here is the infographic on handwashing, tips included. 

Handwashing tips infographic
Infographic on Handwashing tips + advice

Closing thoughts

What do you think about these handwashing tips? Has your handwashing practice changed since the Coronavirus pandemic?

Share your thoughts, as well as any further handwashing tips you might have, in the comments section below. 

Stay Safe and Stay Informed


Source: The infographic was provided by Cleaning Services Group – ‘The Importance of Handwashing’ infographic can be used as a guide that you can use at work, send to friends and family, or have on your fridge at home. This graphic provides current statistics and facts as well as a visual guide to washing your hands for the recommended 20 seconds, along with diagrams to illustrate exactly what to do to effectively clean your hands.

One tiny request

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