Future Tech Can Spell The End of Rip Off Mechanic Costs

It’s not uncommon, being overcharged for car repairs. One of the main hassles of owning a car, in fact, are the repair costs.

If you have owned a car for even a short period of time, you would have had to take your car to the mechanics, and very very likely, have been overcharged.

Known to overcharge and create ‘faults’, mechanics were actually voted as the ‘least trustworthy’ profession back in 2017 (Source: The Telegraph).

But the future provides hope and could end this unfortunate practice altogether.

Least trustworthy profession of 2017 = Mechanics

Recent research (2019 study by Direct Line and other groups) have indicated that by 2050, the advancements in technology will stop these shady dealings. In the future, smart cars will be able to either repair themselves or point out what needs to be fixed.

On top of that, car owners won’t have to wait long for car parts (a common issue now) thanks to the use of 3D printing technology.

Built-in holograms and augmented reality will also help drivers to fix their cars with remote assistance, rather than having to wait for a mechanic and taking their word for what is wrong. This will not just save you time, but money too.

Isn’t technology great?!

What is your experience with car repairs, and mechanics? What do you think of these potential developments? Let us know in the comments.

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