Five Effective Ways to Feel Good About Yourself

Feeling good feels good, right?

Everyone likes feeling good.

But unfortunately, it becomes a struggle at times.

Sometimes we need a boost, some help… we all do.

To help with that, here are five ways you can boost your emotional health, and feel good, long term.

Sometimes we all need a bit of help

Effective ways to feel good about yourself

  1. Work out: Physical exercise is one of the most effective ways of improving your mood and sense of self. The main benefit isn’t just fitness, as most people think – it also has a major positive impact on your mental health.
  2. Pay it forward: “Helping others is good for you” is not one of the most well-known proverbs for no reason. People figured out a long time ago that helping others not just helps others, it also helps us. Just think back to the last time you helped someone (no matter how big or small a way) – do you remember feeling the sense of joy or happiness afterward? That’s what makes helping others one of the most effective ways to feel good about yourself.
  3. Be kind to others: This follows along with the same principles as the earlier point. Being kind to others helps foster a sense of wellbeing inside you, which promotes the “feel-good factor”. So if you want to feel good about yourself, be kind to others. It doesn’t take much effort but does a lot to make lives better all around.
  4. Be kind to yourself: Kindness isn’t just good for others – being kind to yourself is another great way to feel good about yourself. There’s even research to back this up. Most of the time we are our harshest critics – be it body image issues, or something else, we often are extremely critical of ourselves. The reason is the perceived notion of what is perfect. Here’s the thing – perfection is an unattainable illusion because there is just no end to it. A better way to deal with things is to do the best you can, and be kind to yourself if/when you struggle or falter. Being kind to yourself helps improve your mental health and wellbeing, and also makes you more resilient and fit to put in your best effort.
  5. Stop comparing yourself to others: A big part of our current state of self-criticism is down to the “comparison culture”; most people compare themselves to others, and this leads to a lot of unhappiness and unnecessary stress. A better way, you guessed it, is to stop comparing yourself to others!
Effective ways to feel good about yourself
Feeling good isn’t that hard

Last words

Feeling good isn’t that hard to do, even though it sometimes feels quite hard. We can all improve how we feel, through big and small things.

The list of strategies above focuses more on long-term solutions, ways you can continue to feel good day-in-day-out.

How about you – do you have any tips on how we can feel good about ourselves?

Share your thoughts, tips, and ideas in the comments below.


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