Do Multivitamins Work? 10 Things You Should Know About Multivitamins (Research Backed)

Multivitamins are a common part of life for lots of people. So many people take them, in fact, that supplements are a multi-billion dollar industry! They are popular because of the health benefits they are supposed to have. People are becoming more and more health conscious, and as a result the usage of multivitamins are on the rise – understandably. But do multivitamins really help? Is there actually any point in taking these pills every day?
Read on to find out 10 useful and important (research backed) facts about multivitamins, and if they are really worth the money.

Things you should know about multivitamins

Here are some useful and important things you should know about multivitamins:
  1. To date there has been nothing to conclusively prove that multivitamins actually help. In fact, there have been studies that conclusively prove that multivitamins do not have any positive benefits. [1][2][6][7][9]
  2. Researches have found that multivitamins give you no protection against weakening memory, or your brain functions worsening over time. [1][6]
  3. Studies have found that multivitamins and mineral supplements did not do any better than placebos! [2]
  4. Even in the best case scenarios multivitamins are never a replacement for a balanced meal. A good, balanced diet, on the other hand, gives you all the nutrients your body needs. [1][3][6][9]
  5. There is no standard formula for multivitamins – the quantity of the different vitamins and minerals vary based on the brand. [3]
  6. Far too many supplement manufactures are known to exaggerate the amounts of vitamins and minerals that’s present in their multivitamins. [3]
  7. A big reason for people taking multivitamins is to reduce heart diseases. Research has found no evidence of multivitamins having any beneficial impact in that regard. [4]
  8. Multivitamins are often claimed to have a positive impact on mood. Research has found no evidence to backup that claim – in fact, no change was found whatsoever. [5]
  9. Taking multivitamins can have negative impact on your health, especially if certain vitamins and minerals exceed their recommended daily consumption levels. This is not helped by the fact that not all multivitamins are produced well. [3][7][10][11]
  10. In case of vitamin or mineral deficiencies, taking them individually is usually much more effective than taking them in the form of multivitamins, like in the case of Vitamin D. [8][12]

Last words

As is abundantly clear by now, there is actually no evidence that multivitamins have any health benefits. At best, they have no impact of significance. At worst though, they cause damage to your health. So do you still think multivitamins are worth it?
We hope this guide will help you make informed choices about multivitamins.
What are your thoughts on multivitamins? Do you take any? If you do, based on what you’ve learned here (and the researches mentioned in the reference section below), are you still planning to continue taking them?
Share your thoughts on multivitamins in the comments section below.
Make responsible choices when it comes to your health. Here’s to a long, happy and healthy life!


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