Could this spell the end of endoscopy?

Have you ever had an endoscopy? Then you know just uncomfortable it is. But new developments can potentially replace this highly uncomfortable procedure!

As it stands, endoscopy is one of the most reliable procedure for testing gut mucus, which is an accurate indicator of health.  But a new robot built by a Chinese team can make that a thing of the past.

A team at the Chinese University of Hong King have built a robotic capsule designed to collect gut mucus. This swallowable capsule contains a vacuum bag for collecting the mucus. 

Here’s how it will work: 

  1. You swallow the capsule
  2. Magnet outside the body generates a current 
  3. The current melts the wax plug which opens the vacuum bag
  4. Gut mucus is collected in the vacuum bag
  5. Capsule is excreted

If this works, no longer will anyone have to go through the pain of having a camera stuck down their throats!

There is still some way to go of course and plans for live testing are under way. I for one have my fingers crossed (hated the last time I had to get an endoscopy).

Exciting times for health tech!

You can read more about it here: New Scientist – A tiny robotic capsule could roam your intestines and suck up mucus 

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