Coronavirus Quarantine – How to Connect Better With Yourself, and Others

The current situation with the Coronavirus pandemic has left many people confined indoors around the clock. Many cities around the world have instituted quarantine procedures, curfews even, which means going out isn’t really an option. On the face of it that might seem like a bad thing, since it limits our activities and options, but it’s not all bad. In fact, this time indoors can be very useful. A really great way to use this time is to connect better with yourself, and others. Learn how to connect better with yourself, and others, in today’s guide.
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Connecting with yourself

How to Connect Better With Yourself
Connecting with yourself can significantly improve your life
Here is what the typical setup is for someone’s free time – do something outside, be it go to an event, take part in an activity, or even just go to a bar at the end of the day. Basically spending time outside, with others, is the usual way people spend their free time.
But the current situation has made that challenging (if not downright impossible) since most people can’t really leave their homes unless they really need to. The Coronavirus sustain has given us a lot of time to ourselves.
This is a good thing. Time with ourselves gives us the opportunity to really connect with our own selves. Few people really spend any time on their own. They are constantly surrounded by others, and/or doing other things to occupy their time. Spending time on our own has become a rare phenomenon.
When we spend more time on our own, it can help us connect with ourselves better. This helps us learn more about ourselves (yes, you need to learn about yourself, as the lack of self-knowledge makes life harder).
Here is a great exercise to get started with this – spend at least ten minutes a day on your own, quietly. This means no TV, no computer, no phone, no people, or anything else for that matter. Just your own company and no one or nothing else’s. Initially, doing this can be challenging. But stick with it and this will become easier over time. Over time, it still also help you get better at connecting and learning about yourself. Just imagine how good your self-awareness level will be by the time the Coronavirus situation calms down and the quarantine is lifted if you make this a regular practice.
If 10 minutes seems too hard, start with 5, or even less. What’s important is to make this a regular practice. That’s what really helps you see the results, as does increasing the amount of time you spend on your own, progressively. So, if you start off with 5 minutes, try to increase it to 10 down the line, and so on.
The above, of course, isn’t the only way to connect with yourself. Journaling also helps you to connect better with yourself, as does mindfulness meditation. Reading can be yet another great way to do this, especially when it’s about personal growth and self-awareness.
Have a go at connecting better with yourself. This practice can significantly improve your life.
On that note, check out this 1-minute guided meditation for a quick way to get started with this:

Connecting with others

This time indoors isn’t just good for improving your self-awareness and knowledge and better connect with yourself, it is great for connecting better with other people.
Since you won’t be thinking about doing things outside, this gives you a lot of time to spend with those around you, especially those people that you care about. So why not use this time as an opportunity to improve your connection with them and forge even stronger bonds?
Doing things together is an easy way to get started with this. So maybe you can cook or do household chores together. Or play indoor games together. Or any other activities that you have to do inside. Not only will doing chores together make them easier, but they can also be good ways up deepen your connection with the people you care about.
Having distraction-free conversations also increases the opportunity to have genuine heart-to-heart conversations. So just try and have conversations without any TV or anything, at least for 10-15 minutes. This can help you learn things about the other person that you might have never known, which is a great way to deepen your bond with them.
Spending more time together can be a great boost to your relationship with others. That said, if anyone close to you is showing symptoms of Coronavirus, it will be a good idea to practice social distancing where possible. Check out this guide on social distancing for more details on the matter.
How to Connect Better With Others
Deepen your connection with those you care about

Silver lining

There is a silver lining to this Coronavirus quarantine, and that’s the additional time we are getting to learn how to connect better with ourselves, and others. This is creating a distraction-free opportunity to get to know ourselves, and those we care about, better. So use this time to really connect with yourself, and I mean genuinely connect. Also, connect better with the people around you. Indoor games can help with that. Check out these 10 fun indoor game ideas for adults for more pointers on that.
Distraction-free moments like these, times where we aren’t constantly thinking about doing something outside to spend our free time, are uncommon. And can be really good.
But only when used well.
So be mindful of how you spend this time. Use it to make your life better.
Share your thoughts and comments below about today’s post on how to connect better with yourself and others.
Stay safe!

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