Coronavirus Facts – 7 Things You Should Know About The Coronavirus

Coronavirus worries are sweeping the world. These days you can’t read any news, or switch on the TV, without hearing about it. It’s become a big thing, but what do you actually know about it? Read on to learn some useful and informative facts about the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus facts

Here are things you should know about the Coronavirus:
  1. What is the Coronavirus: The Coronavirus isn’t actually one virus, but rather a family of viruses. It originated in animals, but affects humans too, causing illnesses including respiratory infections and colds.
  2. Where did the Coronavirus start: A food market in the Wuhan province of China is believed to be the starting point of Coronavirus.
  3. Where has it spread: Even though China is ground zero for Coronavirus, it has spread to other countries too. As it stands, there are confirmed cases in at least 14 other countries.
  4. How many confirmed cases of Coronavirus are there so far: According to last known information, there are nearly 6,000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in China (461 of whom are in critical condition). There are about 9,000 more suspected cases in other countries. As for confirmed cases in other countries, so far there are 14 confirmed cases in Thailand, and 5 cases or so in the USA, Singapore, Taiwan and Australia.
  5. How many deaths has the Coronavirus caused: Officially, the Coronavirus has resulted in 132 deaths so far, and all in China.
  6. What are the symptoms of the Coronavirus: General symptoms of the Coronavirus include typical cold symptoms, namely cough and fever. These can then progress to severe pneumonia, and respiratory infections. That said, the symptoms may not appear right away. Based on what’s known about the virus so far, it’s believed that the virus can infect days before the symptoms start showing up. The official estimated incubation period is between 1 to 14 days.
  7. How severe is it: Coronavirus is still a bit of a mystery, which makes it a bigger threat than most of the other strains of virus known to us. We don’t know enough about it yet, and cures are still being worked on. What scientists have figured out though is that it is in the same family of viruses as Sars (severe acute respiratory syndrome), which infected nearly 8,000 people worldwide in 2003, with a death toll of 800. The WHO (World Health Organisation) has declared the virus an emergency for China, but it has not been declared as an international emergency. What this means is this – it is something you should be aware of, but unless there are many confirmed cases in the city and/or country you are in (keep an eye out for local updates on the matter for the latest information), there is no need to worry. Precaution yes (prevention is always better than cure), but worry no. And there’s certainly no need to panic.

Precaution is better than cure

Concerns about Coronavirus are sweeping the world. It is concerning, but it is not something to panic about. Things will hopefully get better as scientists learn more about the virus and come up with ways to tackle it.
If you are somewhere where the risk of getting it might be high, you can take preventative measures to reduce your risks of getting it, like wearing face masks (especially when outside), and reducing exposure to anyone with a cold. On that note, if you have a cold, please use a tissue to cover your mouth when sneezing.

Also, boosting your immune system can help, as a weaker immune system will make you more susceptible to such viruses (time to have more nutritious meals!).

What are your thoughts on the Coronavirus? Any new facts about it you’ve come across that is not included here? Any suggestions on staying safe, and minimising your risk of catching it?
Share your thoughts, suggestions and notes about the Coronavirus in the comments section below.
Stay safe!

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