10 Delicious Cold Coffee Recipes You Can Make At Home

Now that summer is here we are all craving for cold drinks. So today we bring you cold coffee recipes, recipes that will give you options to enjoy your coffee cold, but without compromising on taste. If anything, you might even prefer these! Check out today’s guide on cold coffee recipes to learn more.

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The 10 Recipes

Check out these recipe videos to learn how you, too, can make delicious cold coffee yourself at home!

Cold Coffee Recipe # 1 – Vietnamese Cold Coffee

The first one on the list is a top crowd favorite, and not to mention a personal favorite! Ever since trying it at a local Vietnamese restaurant, I have become a massive fan of this. It is really delicious and very indulgent.

This is a great one to try on your cheat day!

Cold Coffee Recipe # 2 – Thai Iced Coffee

The Thai version of the cold coffee is pretty good, as you can find out for yourself.

Cold Coffee Recipe # 3 – Filipino Coffee Jelly

This Filipino cold coffee recipe is a bit different from the usual cold coffee recipes, but boy does it pack a punch in the taste department!

Cold Coffee Recipe # 4 – Cold Cappuccino

Talking about usual versions, check out this recipe for making a cold version of a cappuccino. 

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Cold Coffee Recipe # 5 – Iced Caramel Coffee

What happens when you add caramel to coffee? Better even, what happens when the coffee in question is iced? Well, you can find out by following this recipe.  

Cold Coffee Recipe # 6 – Japanese Iced Coffee

Check out this Japanese twist on cold coffee to get yet another version of cold coffee to try. 

Cold Coffee Recipe # 7 – Iced Latte

You’ve very likely had a latte, but have you had iced latte? Check out this recipe to learn how you can make an iced latte at home. 

Cold Coffee Recipe # 8 – Cold Coffee Milkshake

Cold coffee and milkshake together, does it work? Let me tell you, yes, it does and it actually works very well. But don’t just take my word for it. Follow along with this recipe to try it yourself!

Cold Coffee Recipe # 9 – Starbucks Iced Coffee

Want to have a go at trying your hand at making iced coffee the way a professional barista does? Well, here’s your chance. Check out this recipe for making iced coffee – Starbucks style – to learn more. 

Cold Coffee Recipe # 10 – Cold Brew Coffee

Last but not least is this recipe for making your very own cold brew coffee. Generally, it has a fuller taste (thanks to the slow, long brew time). And because people usually have it black, it is a cold coffee recipe that you can try every day if you want to!

You can add milk or cream (like in the recipe), but the cold brew coffee tastes quite nice on its own, just plain black. The cold brewing process somehow reduces the bitterness and enhances the coffee flavours. Try it out. 

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Enjoy your cold coffee

The cold coffee recipes above will give you plenty of options to enjoy your coffee cold. This is great on those scorching hot and humid days when you are absolutely craving for something cold. But a word of caution – don’t go overboard with them. Some of these cold coffee recipes, like the Vietnamese cold coffee or the cold coffee milkshake, are very indulgent and are drinks that you should really only have every now and then. Having them every day can be a surefire way to get diabetes! So enjoy them – but in moderation.

That said, you do have an option for a cold coffee recipe that you can have on a regular basis. The cold brew coffee recipe above (the last one on the list) is, in fact, a great candidate for cold coffee you can try regularly (especially when had black) as it doesn’t pile on the indulgent stuff.

What’s your take on these cold coffee recipes?

Have you tried any of these, and if so, which ones have you tried? And which ones are you looking forward to trying?

Do you have any cold coffee recipes (or tips) of your own to share?

Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.

Happy Friday!

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