Can This New Development Help With Diagnosing And Treating Cancer?

The fight against cancer is one of the most important medical causes of this century, and one of our biggest medical challenges.

Towards that end, a recent development promises to take us yet another step closer to the goal of curing cancer.

The development – a new imaging technology developed by scientists at Edinburgh University – is capable of monitoring what our cells eat. The scientists behind the technology believe that this can help us to detect diseases early rather than late by identifying tiny changes in our cells’ habits.

The technology involves chemical probes which light up when they come into contact with specific molecules that our cells eat – for example, glucose. This, in turn, enables scientists to observe the cells eating habits, as well as any changes to the usual patterns or habits.

As Marc Vendrell of Edinburgh University stated, this is a valuable step in “understanding the metabolism of diseased cells.”

Finding a treatment for cancer is still not totally within our grasp, unfortunately, but developments like these keep taking us closer and closer to that goal.

There’s still some way to go – but this is a promising new development. 

What are your thoughts on this latest development that might help with our fight against cancer?

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