Can a Mediterranean Diet Prevent Depression?

The Mediterranean diet has been linked to many health benefits over the years. Can it also help with mental health, especially depression?

New research has found that a Mediterranean diet can help prevent and/or manage depression.

The research, published on the 26th of Sept 2018, has found compelling evidence that a diet rich in fruit, grains, vegetables, nuts, fish, and olive oil (i.e.  Mediterranean diet) helps improve your mood (i.e. lower risk/intensity of depression).

People who followed a Mediterranean diet (or similar) were found to be 33% less likely to develop depression over the following 8 to 12 years than those who did not.

It was also found that a diet low in saturated fat, sugar, and processed food reduced the risk of developing depression by 24%!

Basically here’s what it comes down to = you eat crap, you feel crap. And vice versa.

We all feel blue now and then, some more than others. So here you have a bio hack that can significantly improve your mental health. All you need to do is eat well.

“A pro-inflammatory diet can induce systemic inflammation, and this can directly increase the risk for depression” – Lead author of the research, Dr Camille Lassale

A healthy gut really does impact every area of your life. Yet more reason why you should start eating healthy.

How do you feel about the Mediterranean diet? Have you tried it? Share your thoughts, tips and experiences in the comments.

Can eating a Mediterranean diet lower your risk of depression

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