Being Fit Pays, Finds New Research

Being fit pays

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Being healthy and fit pays.

That’s what a latest study on top footballers has confirmed, yet again.

According to a new research on Spain’s La Liga, the top football players recovered from intensive treadmill sessions faster than those in the second division, consistently.

The study, by Madrid’s Complutense University, discovered that the top players’ heart rates and need for oxygen were lower than the second division players, whatever their age or the position they played in.

So it turns out stamina makes a big difference if your goal is to be a top athlete. One more reason to improve your stamina.

Even if your goal isn’t to be an athlete or sports pro, you should still look at improving your stamina, as that can significantly reduce the probability of heart attacks.

Being fit pays, even if it is just in terms of better a quality of life 🙂

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